Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home bittersweet Home

Happy Holidays afterwards, and so I'm already wishing happier new year 2012! Hopefully the bad things will stay in the passing year and the good things will follow to the next year!:)

That's the wish from my side, I'm glad that this year is going to end soon and the new experiences are waiting for me... and everybody! Santa Claus didn't visit us this year either but I was happy that he had brought also this year some nice presents!:D Headlamp and skibootdryers on the top of that. And my boyfriend got a book from his "german"family: "die spinnen, Die Finnen" so I think I'm going to read it at once!!:) Otherwise my Christmas went pretty much normally, including delicious eating, skiing and relaxing and this year even Christmaschurch on 25th! That's because I spent first time ever my Christmas' Eve somewhere else than by my parents'. i was by my bf's parents so that was certainly something new! It's nice and weird to see how Christmas' Eve is celebrated elsewhere!

Anyways, what happened earlier in this month made me feel a bit down. As you know I traveled up to the Alps to participate IBU-cup races in Ridnaun and Obertilliach. For me they turned out to be a disaster which seems to nearly cut my season short. We spent the first 5 days in Obertilliach where we were able to acclimate to the higher altitude and also train properly on the nice 5K's track! We got also more snow on the second day so it looked really nice after rain and darkness of the homeyards.

When we arrived to Ridnaun the problems started. A couple of us suffered from stomachproblems which affected more or less to the weekend's competitions. It was also a bit strange to live in a small apartment, 7 of us. Sometimes it's a small funny family and sometimes you wish you had some own space. On the raceday you try to be quiet while boys're sleeping. You wish:D
First in the program was individual race and 15K in +2 cloudy weather. i was feeling lazy and My body didn't have that much energy due to stomachproblems, so with 6 penalties and this skiing- you move nowhere. Head down and shoulders front, and shaking legs. Unsatisfied and sad.
In sprint however I managed to relax on the shootingrange and Igot a prefect shooting 0+0 at the first time since 2010. I felt a bit better than the previous day but it wasn't enough to get any good placement. 51th was far away from the result I know I can with that shooting.

The next problem arrived on Monday, and got really worse on Wednesday after mixrelay! Lugninfection... You're not welcome.!!! I still felt okey in my muscles on Wed so I decided to start. Also okey shooting sith 1 reservbullet in each shooting was good. I was quite fresh in skiing but my lugns were putting down the contract.. We end up to the place12th and we were happy to win Sweden and Switzerland:P

In this point of trip I ended up to the doctor and I didn't start anymore due to sickness. I came back home and heard the lovely news. I will not be starting in the World Cup, nor in IBU-cup... That's the result from the bad skiing, no matter the reasons to them, no matter if you were best woman in the sprint in Ridnaun, or sick. No excuses...
The fastest skier of us will ski World Cups in January, and the winner of the small national race here in Kontiolahti during December will have starts both in IBU-cups and finally in Antholz. And all these decisions I find a bit unfair, but You cannot do anything but ski faster. We don't count shootingtimes or hitprocent, nope. Even if we were biathletes. but all this aftertalk is pointless and will only waste my precious time.

So it's bittersweet to stay home now the whole January, skiing som xc-races perhaps and preparing to ECH's in Brezno-osrblie... If they ever send anybody there! My boyfriend will fly with his friends to Thailand fo three weeks and Ahti is flying to Germany and World Cup already on Sunday! He had by the way missluck during the world Cup in December, broken skipoles and not-firing bullets etc. Hopefully you all will keep the thumbs up for him and wish him luck..!:) At least one of our family is on G!!;)

Now I'm off to swim in the lake and have a small run before that. Yesterday we had a big storm here and lot of people are still running without electricity! We had sun and snow this morning and I liked skiing and shooting in the hard wind... nearly perfectly;D So my spirit's up. hopefully your thumbs too later in January..:)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rushing Hours^^'

Här befinner jag mig, i tåget på väg mot Helsingfors! Jag har precis genomfört mitt sista snöträningsläger i år i Vuokatti och nu åker jag till Ridnaun och Obertilliach. Skidskyttecirkus är däremot i Östersund där säsongen har börjat för några dagar sen! Ska hålla tummarna för min lillebror och alla andra kompisar som står på startlinjen.J

Who didn’t understand my Swedish I just told I’m right now on the way to Helsinki and tomorrow I’m already in Austria and Obertilliach! I just finished my last snow camp this year. In the meanwhile, the biathloncirkus has arrived to my “hometown” Östersund!! So let’s but the thumbs up for my little brother Ahti and other Finns and fellows. J

Two weeks ago when I was training again in Vuokatti I got some company from our A-team girls; Kaisa, Mari and Sanna, as well as Ahti. We were also accompanied by the Austrian, Belarus, Ukraine etc.biathlon teams! So it was pure traffic jam going on there. Everybody tried to find desperately some snow and Vuokatti was one of the best places in whole Europe! Except Kontiolahti, Vuokatti has been the only place for my trainingcamps this year and actually it has worked pretty well! It’s a bit miserable that our B-team hasn’t had any trainingcamps after September if we just don’t count this Muonio snowcamp, where Sarianna was the only girl to arrive. I decided to stay nearer to home and train in Vuokatti, as did also Kaisa and co.

It was quite quiet now at this time in Vuokatti and I was able to train as planned on the excellent tracks! Over two weeks ago I got a phone call from the coach that I won’t be skiing in the first IBU-cup and World Cups. So it meant only that I get more time for training (which is actually an excellent choice for me after this “puzzle- autumn”).

I’ll fly now on Sunday to München and then straight to Obertilliach. After a couple of days training there we head to Ridnaun for the second IBU-cup this year! And as likely it’s going to be my first real races this season. I haven’t had such a hurry with the races. I will get them enough during the long season I think so.:D And we have to remember World Champs are just in March!! Due to our poor money situation in our biathlon federation we have to pay all of the costs from the next two weeks, getting only IBU-moneyaid to get this all through! Well, I’m actually used to it, cause two years ago it was all the same shit^^’)

The first races in Kontiolahti went pretty bad actually. On Saturday I shot my first ever jackpot (5penalties from standing) and felt over 4 minutes behind Olympic Winner Kuzmina. In the pursuit I managed to normalize my doings and gathered only 3 penalties, having one of the best individual times of the day. I just got my new riffle and due to its short magazines, I needed to buy a new rifle stock too! So it’s been more difficult to find my normal positions and things^/

Now I’m off.J See you on the track, sooner or later. Arrivederci!!

- Laura

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's time for skies!

That's the greeting I'm wishing with smile nearly every morning here in Kontiolahti! There are teams at least from Khanty-Mansiysk and St.Petersburg, and Kuzmina and co!:) But it's not too busy on the cooled skitrack and I'm able to do my trainings as planned. I spent two times one week training in Vuokatti. At the first time we had our "first and last" trainingcamp with B-team, that because all the previous camps have been partly only races and sometimes even we lived at home so so... Luckily our B-teamcoach took it all quite easy-going and I was able to adjust the program a little bit with my own coach:) This camp was really good break after the miscellaneous times with moving and stress^^

Last week I was once again in Vuokatti, training by my own. Half of the time having company of my boyfriend and half of the time alone.. Or how could I say; together with Belarus team and a lot of other skiers, starting their schoolbreak and autumnholidays by skiing outside on the 1,5k track! And when I arrived back home, Ahti also arrived from the superlong trainingcamp in Ruhpolding and Ramsau! It's been a bit worse conditions up on the glacier this year, but nevertheless; Ahti is really fit:D And he is already named to the Worldcup team to Östersund! On the girls side only Kaisa and Mari are sure for the big cup. So there are two places left and they will be decided after the qualiraces here in Kontiolahti 19 th of Nov.

Otherwise it's time to relax few days now, before we head to Muonio at 5th of November. There're supposed to be also German and swedish biathlon teams! That means the raceseason is starting soon when you see more and more biathletes training tiptop.^^' I'm excited and not at all nervous, I'm not worried if I'm not skiing in the first WorldCup. Of Course it would be great, especially when the first place Östersund is my second hometown (like I always say:)) and also I've heard there are many friends and fans coming around!:) But in the meanwhile it would be easy to ski in Ibu-cup when you know the places; Ridnaun and Obertilliach are both excellent for training and also situated at the higher altitude... Anyways, I accept every desicion where I'll be skiing or if I ski at all abroad! Who knows. My shape is getting better but it's hard to know where I stand, so in the middle of October:)

We were supposed to have a trainingcamp in Vuokatti, starting tomorrow but due to lack of money in our biathlonassociation we don't have it. (nor a-team!!!:o) But as I told you before I hope our next camp in Muonio will be there...

And in the end, The season is actually starting this sunday!! Cross-country Finnish cup starts on Saturday in Vuokatti, and I'll be skiing relay with Kontiolahti SportClub on Sunday together with Kaisa and Sarianna! so there we are, Saarinen, Lähteenmäki and co. Cool!! Let's see...

Otherwise I'm of to swim again to the lake with Sampo, Just 3 times in the sauna and then 4 times a small round in the lake;) refreshing and awesome!!

ps. Recommended book to read for German biathlonfans, or anybody who's interested in Finland from a viewpoint of a german man:) Wolfram Eilenberger- Finnen von Sinnen! geiles Buch-- er wird(oder hat schon) nach Finnland umziehen um eine Finnin zu heiraten und dann erzählt er auch wie viel die Finnen spinnen;)) *gg*

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Behind the scenes?!


Oh this time's passing so quickly! Sorry!=)

So how is it going over here? There's been a lot of things happening behind the scenes. I just wanted to show how it happens... the results are not always "just" what they show. How people usually do? -check out the results from the races and blame the losers and cheer for the winners. easy eh? Most of the time there are many unknown facts that should be considered before you cheer or blame..^^' I'm not talking just about me, but also about all the athletes!

Well, there really have been going on something. And in this case there are things like moving, packing, cleaning, racing, training, school, boyfriend, decorating, playing, worrying... eh demanding me just to take a nap! -But I don't have even time fot that!

After my big brother's wedding, it's been all but easy! I have to mention that my first (hopefully not the last) weddingday was memorable and lovely, but also causing very aching feet and also I got a flue! Next weekend after that we had finnish cross-biathlon champs, and it didn't really help my feeling in my body when I HAD to start in the races. Well, luckily I wasn't that bad and we took even the relay gold for Kontiolahti!
So let's count, one week sick and the next week I was kind of resting in Helsinki and then heading to Lahti where I was training with my personal coach! At this part I felt okey, but once again there were IBU-cup roller races coming...
So I think I was kind of healthy one week and of course you're supposed to do a lot of trainings, well due to that and all the other stressy things (like packing, cleaning up for the new address!!!) I started in rollerraces...

Everyone can check out the results, and think oh she's not doig very well... In the big new steap uphill I was nearly dead, and in addition to bad skiing I even shot 2 misses from standing. Somewhere between Otepää trainingraces and that day (5weeks) I had lost over 100seconds compared to my fellow Sarianna. 10seconds behind in Otepää and now we could be nearly counting hours^^D

My nervsystem was tired, so did my muscles, in that case you have no choice to take in some oxygen..^D Well, I skipped the pursuit day and continued my non-athletic lifestyle with packing and stressing. so on... And that means one week total stress with big packs and new address stuff. Luckily we got it finished before the Finnish roller-biathlon champs just during the next weekend! But there were no better way. One day during the previous week I realized I had to calm down and stop worrying about every single thing when I was crying all day along, even in the training...^^/

My new home is now here in the centrum of Joensuu, just a few steps away from university.. I'm living now in a huge 106m2 flat with my little brother and boyfriend. It's only ridiculous that both of them took this moving very calmly, and only I was affected so heavily.
But dont' worry now I'm doing a little bit better! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to follow the A-team to Obertilliach trainingcamp, nor I have money for Ramsau sportcamp! This year our lovely association put so heavy costs for the camp that none of b-team can't afford it!

That means training days at home... that's a bit heavy for my bright head which loves Austria and the landscapes of Ramsau!

However, There were certainly some things going on here, and that's (hopefully) the reason for the poor races at this point of the season. Luckily I've still three months to go before the season starts.... in SWEDEN!!! o vad jag saknar ditåt!:)

I'll update later, now I head to dancelessons and wait for the coming sportcamp in Vuokatti!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Otepää, there and back again!


Once again we've returned back home from sunny Otepää!! At this time the news- free traveling day was Friday, the day when there were these insane terrorattacks in Norway. I'm so upset how this was so raw! so sorry for the norwegians and fellows^^/

Well above that miserable story I heard also good news from Sweden! My good friend and my only finnish speaking teacher in Östersund Marko Laaksonen will be coaching the swedish biathlon women team=) And during this spring there were my ex-coach Johan Hagström doing this job! I'm so proud of them both. JEJEJJE=)

So we've just finished our trainingcamp in Otepää. 8th summer in a row!! So the landscapes are quite familiar to me:) Two weeks there is just enough, longer time would have driven us to madness I think^^' This year we had other schoolaccommodation, just in the middle of the town. Good sides were that there were gym and room for cycles and stuff. Otherwise, it was a bit bad choice. Estonian Rally circus arrived to the city at the 2nd weekend, and living just in the centrum wasn't very pleasant to sleep. and the hot nights were also prohibiting recovery... If you're sweating 24/7 you're not so fresh after two weeks trainingcamp with over 40 hours training and around 10hours pure shootingtraining^^D

Anatoly was the chef of the camp and I think we managed well also this year. I did a bit my own trainings, and actually I felt great! :o I was able to run properly first time after 9 weeks with my broken feet (hurted it during kick-boxing lesson^0) And due to massages and right training it was getting better all the time... Hopefully it will last the races during the next weekend, when we have Finnish Championships in Cross-Biathlon! This journey to Jalasjärvi is long, though. After that I'll perhaps continue to Lahti to my coach and to Helsinki with my boyfriend. So we'll see when I come back^^')

Tomorrow's the day when my big brother is getting married!!=) Seems like we'll have a warm sunny day coming, with a lot of happy things...:)) I'll be reading some poetry in the church and in the evening maybe singing. We'll have fun anyways;)
Now off to the city and enjoy the sunset in the summerheat... Tomorrow I'll be fine:P


ps. Thank you all for the nice birthdaywishes. As I told you earlier, now I'm wiser, sun-tanned and thinner. *grinning*hehe:D Danke schön, tack så mycket, bolshoe spasibo, jekuji =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breaking Silence!

I was just driving back home from training "deep in the swamp" when I heard this tragedy of one of the greatest cross-country skiers in Finland, Mika Myllylä. Ten years he had to to stand up to the critic and shit, having big private-, as well as alcoholproblems. I hope none of the athletes have to live the “post-sport- life” like that.

Anyways above all, I’m not dead (ironically) although I’ve been climbing up to the Vuokatinvaara in deadheat, trying Benji-jumping, and crowling in the mod… XD

Last time I wrote it was time for Off-season, now we’ve been training over two months since that! Trainingcamps in Åland and Vuokatti are well-done and now I’m just about to head to Otepää. And believe or not, it’s 8th summer in a row when I’m doing this!! I bet this happens also next July and until death do us part… ^^'

Actually I started the trainingseason with lovely combined training and relaxing week in Crete! Swimming and running on the beach, but also biking to the nearest mountainpeak with my little brother included to the program. +27c degrees and sun made my smile wider and my skin browner:D Satisfying result!

After that I’ve been training mostly at home, only one “small” problem rolling in my head all the time. I don’t know who would be my coach!!!! And that’s more than a huge question cause now we’re talking about the years until Olympic Wintergames in 2015! As you may know our Anatoly came back to Kontiolahti, and I had been co-operating with my Norwegian coach since October. Then we also got a new A-team coach Mika Haapoja (my ex-coach before I moved to Östersund) . And how come, I had three eager coaches willing to coach me, but dunno how I came to the option that nobody expected! Somehow (and with help of my dearest..including phonecalls to all around the world..) Tomi Kuutti from Lahti (Also Kaisa’s and Mari’s ex-coach) is now supposed to bring something fresh to my body. I’m trusting now that this system will work and bring me a new level in my skiing. Shooting things I’m handling with Anatoly and co. So there shouldn’t be any problem. I have also started a new mental training program with Christoph Treier and I hope I’ll reach my goals easier when he’s around!:)

We have now a brandnew coachgroup, including also Kaisa’s personal coach Jarmo Punkkinen. Thus far everything seems okey and I hope it will be even better! We have more trainingcamps than ever before and that means only more days abroad… J Ruhpolding, Obertilliach, Ramsau, Vuokatti and Muonio, for A-team.. Maybe I’m coming along with them to some of the camps! In the meanwhile I’ll be training at home with Ahti and Anatoly, once in a while taking a tour to Lahti to my personalcoach. Who knows, maybe I’m also moving to that direction pretty soon. But about that and the reasons later then:D

So I’m heading to Lahti now and tomorrow morning to Otepää for two weeks. After that it’s time for the wedding of my big brother<3 That will be sensitive and great day. A relaxing day between the trainingcamps and Finnish Cross-Summerbiathlon Champs…

Returning here later ,I’m then one year older and one year wiser, happily and eager to see again the beloved ones.:)

Hugs xxx

Friday, April 22, 2011

Off Season ^^)

And it's officially over!
The Biathlon season 2010- 2011... It started 4th of November and was finished 4th of April when we had these Finnish Championships.
I think 6 months are enough for this far and I didn't want to even think about racing until Easter holidays^^'

ANyways, Finnish Champs and 3 races in the row. At this point of the season it was extremely tough. After one race it was already hard..
We did well in Friday's relay as our Kontiolahti sportclub team Sarianna, Katja and me took Golden medal! It was actually tough fight against Oulu team as I left to the final leg 30sec after the leading team! But we did it! ANd that was all:D
In sprint on Sat I was a bit exhausted, but ran the race finishing 5th with 2 penalties, long after Winner Kaisa! She won 2nd finished Mari 2,5minutes... so so:D Outstanding performance again from her!:)
On Sunday and mass start the the foggy and a bit rainy conditions made the race even more hard! But finishing 6th with 1013 penalties.. eh. last standin ruined my silvermedal thoughts.. (just to mention Kaisa didn't race on that day!)

But relieved feeling after the last finals!!! =) a couple of hours after the race we went to play floorball... nearly 2 hours fun. and after that we were not drinking only hart sport liquids^^'D

So 4 weeks we have kind of vacation. I consider it like the holidays from the work! "Normal people" have theis 4 weeks holidays every year. So do we:) SO now it's the time to visit the friends, cousins.. take maybe some days off abroad to relax and so on.. maybe even some party^^D

One thing I made at first time in my life last saturday.. Trance rave Party in Helsinki!! Laserpoint Labyrinth whatever it was called, anyways:D Everybody was dressed in White and there were a lot of laserlights and of course a lot of people!! great. 8 hours pure trance music. Sander Van Doorn from NL and Blank & Jones from Germany, there are some great Dj's to recommend!:))

Well, Now off to KneeLakeCity (my hometown Polvijärvi) to relax during the Easter holidays..:) I bought also a new snowboard from one of the best snowboarders in Finland, so maybe I need to try this gorgeous board more;)
I was also planning a last minute flight to somewhere and as well as visit in Switzerland but I'll do it maybe later then or not at all^^'

But I wish you all Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern! Glad Påsk! Hyvää Pääsiäistä!!

See ya later.. dress in white;))

Monday, March 21, 2011

Five to go!! B)

Third update in the row.. You bet I have a rest day?.D yep. Two weeks to go before the season is over. We have still Finnish Champs in Cross-coutry and as well in biathlon. Next weekend we'll go to Kuopio and I will ski sprint and relay! It will be fun I think so...:) Unfortunately I've been too tired to think about traveling/competing abroad anymore, so Sweden and Switzerland has to wait for me a bit more to arrive.. Later!!;)
Otherwise I'm planning to enjoy the lovely spring weathers here at home. The tempereture is still in minus grades at nights so there's still quite a much snow and cónditions are perfect^^)

The first weekend in April we have then biathlon season ending here in Kontiolahti! Let's take the last fight against the World's best and Finland's best biathletes:) On Friday relay, on Saturday Sprint and the season will be finished by Mass start! After that I'm only counting the days when I'm back at the airport... :P

The homecoming is always nice, but for me already one week feels too boring, eh dunno. Maybe I'm used to have a bit stressy life abroad... at the sametime it's also nice! The life at home, training and those things at this time of the season is not so funny anymore^^') I think I need to take vacation and then I'm full of energy and will be back in the business first of May;)

My little brother came home yesterday night from Oslo. I had been cleaning up the house in every corner, cooking a yammy hamcheeseroll plus strawberrymousse.. the sauna was hot and some beers in the fridge. eh what would a man prefer???;D
Only one man in the world can get even better...;)

Now off to the sunshine and day off:D and boxing lessons are waiting for...


The next (cold) part- Siberia!!

From the sunny lovely Italian Alps we headed to the other side of Ural mountains. The city builded to the middle of nowhere, only oilplatforms decorating our view from the 5 stars hotel-- (only builded for the biathletes, and maybe 3rd time in use:D)

We had sunshine also there, but the other things like -15c and sometimes like a hurricane wind didn't give the same spirit as in Italy! The food was still quite good here, even if we had been expecting something worse due to our last visit to Russian marks (Ostrov 2009)..

Otherwise the strict laws with the weapons and police(milizi) everywhere made me feel like in a gansterwar^^D
The trip from München straight to Khanty-Mansiysk was smooth, we could have been waiting even more, but we didn't:D arriving around 3am to the hotel and off to bed.. I couldn't sleep. EH. Time difference to Italy was 4 hours so there were no panic!
Only in the mornings when you have to hurry up to the brekfast before 10am was hard.!!!:D The following week I was sleeping until the noon, eating my own porridge in the hotelroom:D

After arriving and training a few days I felt a bit weird. It was hard to know if I was tired or why^^ During the first 3 days I got massages and my legs felt nearly okey. Anyways our coaches changed their minds a couple of times in a day, and we had a qualification to the sprint with Sarianna! 3K and 2 shootings. Well at 10 am trainingtime and my pissed off -mind due to the desicions and not-okey-feeling in muscles. I shot 1+1, sarkku 0+0... and my skiing, didn't even get the speed. So I spend the next few days in bed.. Finally it was actually a good choice cause I didn't still feel topfit! And Sarkku did, the best result in WorldCup so far!.)

So what about others. Well, I think you know that our Kaisa did well... more than well!!! the great season so far and now even Worldchampion in pursuit after the silvermedail in sprint!
It was a sensitive and glorious moment when I saw her face on the finish line, waving the flag that I have been taping to my skipole and giving it just before the line!! GREAT!=))
Hopefully the finnish biathlon is getting a boost from this..


For me the first Worldchamps start was then in individual race. On that day we didn't have very fair conditions. On the morningrun the wind was blowing so hard that moving against wind was nearly impossible!! -15c and... :D After Kaisa's pursuit there were some parties, but I skipped the most fun due to my sickness. Well I felt kind of okey, only my hurting back (SI- thing down in the back was locked) was a big problem! Our massieur tried to push hard to get it okey, but cause it's not anything to do with the muscles it wasn't really helping.

But the race was still quite okey! only 3 penalties in difficult conditions wasn't bad. Unluckily I had one of the laziest skiing performances this year^/ pain in the back and slow cold snow. So far away from the normal course time.. Place 49th in WorldChamps isn't really bad, though! I must be glad to be in top 50 first time ever!!! Next year I'll take already worldcup points,;))

I got some help from the swiss physio later on the week so that my skiing felt a lot better in relay!!=) Danke Patrick und co!!.)) er fehlt noch ein paar bierlis.. I think without swiss guys these 4 weeks would have been much more miserable..

So when the others started to party after men's relay (or even earlier) we focused to the relay. Well it was only average from us compared to Antholz, but also the conditions were even trickier! Place 11th and Kaisa's 0+0 without reservs was good! I for example lost my time on the range taking 2+3 extrabullets next to nervous Sleptsova. shame shame..

So packing up the things and off to party. Next morning early flight to Oslo.. And I think I saw more than one tired athlete in the plane;)
And cause the relay was a qualirace (again) Sarkku could stay in Oslo for a few more days..

I headed back HOME!!!!:D

First Part - Ridnaun!

Like I promised. Let's take a step back to Valentine's Day 14th of February!
A day when you're supposed to remember all you dearest friends. I hope my friends know they are important without any special day, though^^) I kind of passed this monday somehow..

Anyways, I was standing at München airport already 9 am, waiting for my friend Mario to come and pick me and my brother... on the way to Ridnaun and Italy!
From the icecold -25c at home we had come to sunny Italy and +5! There were not much snow left down in the valleys, but still some amounts up the on the mountains:)) oh great!

Our friend and coach Anatoly had arranged a good accommodation just next to the big Schneeberg-hotel.. You just need to walk out from the door out to the shooting range. Perfect!=)

Well, It was sunny only for this day. Next few days it was snowing quite a lot(40cm?), and the track was supersoft! Maybe due to this I had a bit too high intensity in my trainings and in the end of week my legs were hard like stones. And a lack of massieur...

We moved on to another accommodation on Saturday, living the whole week in the same house with swiss team...!!! Joy!=)) Next to the skitrack and excellent flat!

The first race was on Monday when the men had their individual 20K/15K race. My little brother skied again superfast but 5 penalties dropped him to the place 17th. For me the first race on tuesday was like a comedy. Stone legs and high altitude didn't really help. Only my shooting, except the last standing (3) was okey.
From this day my brother got sick, me being awake half of the nights cause of his coughing. But it got even worse as he had a horrible pain in the stomach. One late evening I then took him to the hospital.
So that's why there weren't any finnish relay teams running to the finish on Thursday. Always missing one part from a team^^' "hilarious"damn.. NOT!

Sprint race on Sat was neither a hilarious one, my shooting seemed to be anything but easy-going. 3 penalties and I end up to the the place 40! oh gott. Luckily my legs were a bit better, maybe cause of non-stressy evenings...;)
Luckily the day after my skiing got a tiny boost even if the sunny weather had changed to snowfall (again)..My nearly super shooting 0+0+0+2 was satisfying!:) There was something to cheer up anyways eh!:D
The next job was to pack all the things and fly next day then to Khanty-Mansiysk and World Championships!!:)

Two weeks in Italy was great what comes to people and athmosphere. I enjoyed my stay...And I'm missing all the time...
But new experiences were waiting for us on the other side of the globe .... Dawai dawai!!;)

ps. skiingpics taken by Mario Danzl, biathlon Austria!
The other ones taken by Mika Haapoja!=)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long time, no see -4 weeks adventure!


I arrived yesterday back home, felt like a train had droven over me. Depressing weather with plus zero and snowfall, grey greatness to be at home^^' eh. A bit over 4 weeks I've been all over the world, as how I could say. First two weeks in Italy in Open European Championships then 2 weeks in chilly Siberia in World Championships! (Comments and pics following in the next update!:D)

Having still a jetlag (from siberia plus partying.;)) I woke up today at 8 am, without alarm, feeling great! The grey landscapes had turned into sunshine and -5c! We have been eating two weeks a bit "heavier" russian food, so now I can cook and bake whatever I really want!! jipiii!!!! The strict timetable with trainings, changing clothes, dinnertimes etc have changed to easy-going life eh and "wear-whatever or nothing" :DD Also the empty fridge has been filled again and oh the glory when I got into the sauna first time in 4 weeks!!:))) It's nice to be home... for a while;)

I will enjoy one week all alone at home... Maybe tomorrow I'll get my skies and rifle, dunno where they are, hopefully not anymore in Russia!!! It feels very poor without, especially in this weather! We have still 3 weeks to go before the season is over..
I was in Oslo too, but got the directflight back home, so no more Worldcup starts for me this season! Hoping for better results and more WorldCup races next season then! I'm already missing you my dear biathlonfriends!:)

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. -J.Paterno

I'll be going Swedish or Schweizer Champs the next week, maybe. If it's just working out well.. We have also Finnish Champs in Cross-country and Biathlon coming on:D So tough end for the season aanyways!
We'll see what happens. As I'm a bit restless now... Missing a lot to Switzerland, but would also like to see me swedish friends.. and also other friends here and there:)) How I will handle everything ouii...

Now off to Sauna!! :D
ps. no jokes about it...;)) It's just a same thing like you would eat.. everyday,)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Champion!!


As you didn't already know...:D My super little brother was 4th in the JuniorWorldCHampionships Sprint in Nove Mesto! So little did he lost.. 0,3 seconds from the medal!! It's so close.. but only shows that he is fit!!! Beware-.- Pursuit wasn't that great but 13th place is still great!!:P Congrats!
(He also won in January the Cross-country Finnish Championships on 10km's skate race U23 and he's just 21. great potential..!=))

I had my own champange in the fridge^^' And it's been delighting a bit as I've been a bit sick since I came back home from the hard World Cup circus.. And also a lot of other disturbing things going on...

I'll be training (when I'm not sick..) two weeks from now on at home. And leaving to Ridnaun, Italy for preparationcamp for the European Championships at 14th.. probably:D
Can't wait for...:)) After the Ridnaun there's a chance that you may see me also in WOrld Championships.. But that's still a bit unsure:) Updating later!!
School...???? I'll take care of it! NOW:D


All we can blame is firstly, our crazy big brother who was the first of us three to start this tricky sport called biathlon (I bet you've never heard!:D), then we must blame our parents who kicked us to go out rather than sit inside the house playing nintendo. ( I must be allergic to winter air..) As well we have to blame our grandmums taking care of energybalance when we have been "busy" (=lazy:D). Too delicious...yok.
Mostly we have to blame also the coach(es) on the way... Why on earth they were yelling there about technic and all the advice... horrible! And what if there were not our biathlonfriends and colleagues who were training with us, pushing us forward year by year.. (Don't they anything else to do?)
And about the sponsors and sport Club! Shame on you.. so much supporting and waste of money! And finally we are blaming the non-biathlon friends.. disturbing the focused, all-the-time-biathlon-in mind -living... shame shame on you!!

Shame on all..:D and This speech was not about to blame on you. It's all about thanking=)

Yours, Laura

See you.. B)

ps. I am sure I saw the sun today!! 0_o

The Last from the triple blessed Cups!:D

So from rainy Ruhpolding to Suntholz. ANtholz is well-known from it's sunny windless weathers and perfect tracks! We didn't have sun every day but It was totally like a dream after the previous two weeks!:)

Four girls from FInland, actually all been representing Kontiolahti SportClub . Mari, Sarkku and me= the youngster super relay team( wiht tens of gold medals) and our yellow bib Kaisa. Couldn't be funnier:) Our Hotel was also like a heaven, awesome Italian food, swimmingpool, and luxorius rooms, and all girl together!:) It helped a lot to get a good atmosphere for the relay! I think that was the key---

First Sprint on Friday where I did a good performance. Though, 2 penalties from the standing is too much. But skiing time, loosing less than ever. (Yea yea. I fell down again, in the icy down-hill curve before the first splittime. I may have lost not only the whole speed to this uphill but maybe 15seconds at least^^' My poor ass... was hurting the next day, a lot!:DD hehheh, LOL

Anyways!!!!! It was OK in sprint but our relay was really GREAT!!=) Only 9 spare bullets, and no penalties. It must be ALso some kind of record during the previous years..
So 10th place alltogehter, just 23 seconds behing podium place and Norway!! WOW. We were (are still) very happy!:) We were smiling together with the sun and perfect -8..:)

so back to home.... =) Greetings for all the supporters and people on the track! I'm sorry that I couldn't always regonize or it was impossible to stop... maybe next time:))

Wolrd Cup 2. Ruhpolding!!

So early monday morning back to the road and we headed towards the Alps.. Actually the sun was shining:D First and Last time within a week^^'
The bustrip was long, thanks for our biathloncollegues from Kazakhstan. I suppose they jsut woke up at that time when the bus arrived to the hotel 0_o

I had never been to Ruhpolding so I cant' compare how was the track and things earlier, better or worse. Anyways I liked the track, even though these tricky down-hills were not really "skiable".. I think we saw tens of "fails" during the women's races...^^'

Mari left to Liberec and we were the only girls with Kaisa! On tuesday we got to celebrate Kaisa's birthday. Cake and something..:D lecker!
In the program we had individual race and sprint.. (+ pursuit)

At that day when we had individual race, I didn't make a morning running like usually. I looked out from the window, it was pouring rain, total heavy one:D Unbelievable. I think I changed clothes like 4times at that time... It didn't really help eh As you got wet after 2minutes..:P

I did a quite a good race anyways. Penalties 0+2+0+1 and the place 68th is my personal best. It was even near.. the top 60! the last shot cracking;)
Also the skiing felt a lot better than in Oberhof. Due to wide tracks and harder track it was easier to find my own natural racespeed and I even remembered to breathe.. (It was about time..:D)

In sprint I was a bit careless, that's why 2+2 misses. The skiing felt okey but I think I should have still started a bit faster.. Anyways, Like my coach said, Sometimes it's good not to survive so well. So I'll be much better later then:)
I think most of my friends have already seen me crossing the finish line... Must be some kind of record; I was FLYING to the finish. A small balance mistake, and I nearly fell down before the finish line, but somehow I survived with one ski just to above the line^^' Check out Youtube:DD
Some ruassian fan of mine had made marvellous videos of my falling..

As well I didn't survive to Pursuit with that performance, But still someone of the cameramen found me photoing with Kaisa's camera beside the track^^' And again some russian fan made a short video... ENJOY:D LOL or

The Saturday evening I spent with the team by pizza and git also one visitor. was great! =)

OFF to SUntholZ!!:D

ps. We got Sarkku from Altenberg to relay... jippii^^')

World Cup tournee starts. Oberhof!

Heyy! After a month abroad I'm back at home and have some time for writing...:) The blog is not only for you my fellows, but also for me:D Maybe I'll read these uppdatings a bit later, and find them nice.. when I have retired:D
Anyways our World Cup Tour started from Oberhof where we had at first time relay team starting, and for me also sprint! :) The second time in World Cup ever...

You know Oberhof, it was foggy like usually. From the training day's -10 it turned to +5 and total rain to the relay. So we had all kind of weathers:D Above all a horrible wind in Men's relay.. I read from the local newspaper, 100 penalty loops and 324 reserv bullets, must be some kind of record:D

Finland's team Kaisa, Mari, Maija and me got also a lot of penalties 7 or 9 I don't wanna remember:D Anyways it wasn't easy to shoot, the fogg was so heavy that it was nearly impossible the find the black spots^^' We were over a loop after the leading team before I even started so I knew it would be only 4km's race.. finally we got the place 18th = we can do better...

In sprint the huge amount of people, cigarettes, smoke, fireworks, soft snow and the horrible Birx-steig.. and the result was something like 81th and 1+2 penalties. It felt like a heavy ring around my legs cause of the pressing athmosphere on the tracks! sorry people, thanks people that you were cheering me. eh:D But that all felt like a bit stressy at first time...
We had the best skies at this rainy evening, though. Kaisa was 5th with 3 penalties and our Mari got her first WC points this year.. 31th with 3 penalties! so great:))) So from rainy Oberhof we headed to ....Super Rainy Ruhpolding!!:DDD

ps. in photo we girls on sprint night and our physiotherapeut Juhani:) (as you know the starting times in oberhof were like nightmare, literally. in relay my starttime was about 20.30p, so 21.30 finnish time;))

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

New Year, new tricks and experiences. Hopefully the bad things will stay in the year 2010, but may all thee good things follow us to this year!!=) That was said by a dear friend of mine from Sweden. And it really sounds great if would be so easy... Let's hope the "troubles" will be sweeped away soon anyways!:)

I spent Christmas time at home in Polvijärvi, taking it easy! The temperature stayed around -25c, even -32c so there were not much training outside.. Once we were walking with snowshoes in our nationalpark Koli! You can check out some pics from Facebook. Very pretty, but a bit cold and frozen white eyeflashes:P But it was fun! I think it was my first time in the winter when I was there:)

Otherwise I had been very nice and kind during the year as I got so many presents. One of the best, a big PINK bag of tools... very handy!:D As you know the best at Christmas is when you are allowed to eat delicious food! hour-long-dinners together with family.. :) Just have to be careful with "over-weight" as there were not so much training^^D

I gave to my Dad an English- phrasebook, He has to learn a bit more!!:D As I said him, you never know from which country my boyfriend will come!:p hehe. Above that a guidebook to Austria was included to the present... ;)

On Monday I got the a kick-start to the training by a boxing lesson. It was great!!:D I guarantee that you wil feel your upperbody the following day...
The training continues this week, as I couldn't even celebrate new year that much! Anyways hope you had fun and the next year even funnier!:))

Well, tomorrow off we go to Helsinki and on Monday we are already in Oberhof, Germany!!=)
The first World Cup of this year, and the second one in my career! Wish me luck and check out and liveresults!!:)

The relay will start 6th of January at 19.30 german time, also 20.30 finland's time!!! very late I think.. and Sprint will follow then on Saturday!

Off to lovely winter weather and then packing.. BIS BALD!!;)