Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finnish Champs, Frozen and Happy Ending:)

Maybe you could even see it? Me smiling wider than Grand Canyon:D

We had Finnish Champs this weekend in Kauhajoki, a small city on the other side of Finland!
On Friday I woke up 6 am to get into the car... and starting the 7-hours-journey! Zeroing starting at 3 pm, so we had hardly any extra time to go^^' Eh, stupid minds.. Better to get there day before, but never mind, we got there early enough and the sprint race was first in the program!:)

I must say that Kontiolahti is too perfect place for training, cause in Kauhajoki the matts were slippery and icy, shooting race full of "wholes" and some extra "stuff" on the tracks was not really good for my skies^^ Anyways, we did zeroing in the daylight, and the sprint race was later in the evening, starting 5.15 pm so that it really was dark, and the lights on the range were really poor. What comes to the weather it was as chilly as it can be on my scale. -16 c degrees and mild wind (getting harder in the evening..^) aren't really my favourites..

The courses were not so difficult so the only "differing" thing between the best girls was just shooting! Well, I shot horrible 3+1 penalties. Compared to Maija who won the race with fast and perfect shooting, I did have really problems with my shooting and specially with my riffle! It didn't want to co-operate with me that day, throwing out my bullets one by one so that my standing took nearly one minut!^/ Pity, cause I lost only 1 minut to the leader although I had 4 penalties more!

Well, Pursuit next day went a "BIT" better. From the place 6 I lightly moved upwards on the list.. shooting 0+0 on prone stages then two misses on the first standing and finally the last shooting zero!!:)) Well, that's how it should be. That's the normal me, and that's what I can!! Well, The sprint winner just ended her one penalty loop(of total 3 in pursuit) when I rushed out from the shooting range. To the final loop together, skiing in the lead and taking the last "sprint" to the finish!:D yeee. 5 seconds ahead. I was happy. My first never ever personal gold medal in senior class!!:)) Last year I got my first junior gold but now it was already senior... step by step I will be going to the top. Hoping to catch the world's bests after a couple of years:)

I had to admit that the race would've been a bit different if our best biathletes would have been there. Top three women are still in World Cup Anterselva so we had only a fight of the "fourth".. who knows how they had managed here in Finland..

So The first and the last Finnish Champs this year!! Olympics are now in February so I have barely any races^^ If you didn't already know so Finland will have only one woman and one man in Vancouver.. Pity, cause Finland has 5+5 places!! And not filling the places, I think it's just stupid. "Money, money, money..." or whatever would be the reason.. (Okey we should be only skiing and shooting better, simple thing^^')

Now I'll fix my school things, do my candidate exams- thing (B-level?) and train for the European Champs, hold in the beginning of March in Estonia!:) I was also planning to compete in IBU-cups in the Alps, but my coach thinks it's wiser to stay at home^^ (dunno why he still thinks I'm getting into troubles abroad or something!?:D)

back to the roots.. back to the books. and the training. Thumbs up for the ladies and gentlemans in Vancouver. So many of them I already know.. amazing!:) Luckily Sochi is only 4 years to go..

"We are the kings and queens of Promise, We are the Phantoms of ourselves, Maybe the children of a lesser god , between heaven and hell..." =good song:)

hugs/ Lara CrAft

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funnies and bunnies of the year^^'

A month passed without a sign of living, don't worry it means only that I've been quite busy..(or lazy.D)
After arriving home for Christmas I got sick and missed a few days of training.. and that's why New Year was also quite peaceful. Symphony concert a la J. Strauss and listening to Wiener Walz was just a comfortable way of welcoming the new decade. and above all I was planning to race the day after the new year's day so there were no point for harsh celebrating!.D
Temperatures has been down already a long time and also the q-races were just inside the limits, only "-20" on the startline. Stupid or not, I wanted to start! (not having any fever, though like in Canmore!!)

So considering the fact that I was not the topfit, I still ended up in sprint as 2nd with one penalty and only 9 seconds after my dear teammate Sarkku! well, that was enough anyways. She got the tickets to Oberhof and Ruhpolding. But Maybe it was only good for me to stay home and train.. don't want to be embrassed again when not being the absolut fit^^ I have time to come there! Beware Germany!,)

I've been at school a little bit, doing all the great exams what I should have done in Dec...:D Thus far, I've survived good enough! and passed:D that's enough. In addition to reading for the school, I've been training alone, well, basic training.. That's all good on the way to the European Champs in March!:) I did actually one race here in Finland last weekend, shooting 0002(best shoot this year!)... pity, that the all the best girls are in Germany and not even competing in Finnish Champs this weekend! I'll let you know the results later then.:)

In the end I was thinking about the higlights of the year 2009!!

January.. My first and last junior World Champs. Journey to Canada and all the new friends I got from there... I'll never forget!:))

February I got my only sight of my swedish dear friends, when racing in the juniorlandskamp. The absolut MISS of the year is of course Sweden and Östersund. fyy, va jag saknar dit..:))

March was the month to get the first gold medal in Finnish Champs in the W21!:) Before that I had a lovely IBU-cup trip to Italy, and I got my first Sponsor from Germany! danke schön Firmengruppe Steinbach!:))

April is the month of recovering (and partying at the university(!!?):p
1st of May was my lucky day and the week before..<3. In the beginning of the month I had a nice journey to Tenerife! No more english breakfast, plz;)!

June.. the Midsummer's day!! no more words:D
July trainingcamp in Estonia Otepää! As lovely as always.. It was already 6 th summer in a row!!:)
August was full of summer biathlon races.. more medals:) and the lovely summer heat weathers:)) (already waiting for..^^')

September; beginning of the schoolyear. Summer biathlon World Champs in Oberhof was the top!:)) getting the places 7th and 9th...:) And not forgetting the wonderful trainingcamp in Ramsau, two weeks!! continuing until 11th of October:) and I got to know one very special person, really worth of missing some teammeetings:)) Next year I'll be skiing on the glacier!!:)

November is always the hectic start of the season and this year I also started very well so that..
In December I had my first World Cup race in Hochfilzen!! and then the last but hopefully last sight to Austria was made in Obertilliach... Unfortunately the things didn't work out as I wanted. Well, Christmas comes always to the end and new friends what I've got on the journies saves the year:)
Absolut lovely song of the year: Oasis - Wonderwall

Then .. thankyou, sorry and cheers!! and now the new year!!:) What it will bring.. We'll see!:) Hopefully a lot of traveling and new friends.. and Of course seeing the old ones first!:)) Sweden is the first desire, then Europe.. everywhere:))

See ya!:) xxx