Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An early X-Mas present!


Sunny Martell, I will miss you! =)
From warm Italy we headed back to Obertilliach where the last races of this year were held. Sprint on Friday and pursuit on Saturday! For our tiny team (4 men and 2 women) Sprint wasn't so brilliant as it could be. Maybe recovery from the high-altitude Martell wasn't so ideal, anyways, only the "youngsters" Sami and me survived to pursuit. For me the cold weather and new snow was a bad combination and the "easy feeling" (skiing only shorts underneath in Martell) was away. In sprint I got 0+2 penalties but lost seems-like-a-calenderyear at the track! puuh. It didn't really help that we had a bit bad glide under the skies. (Fischer never lets me down!)

On Saturday it was even more horrible underneath the skis. Our lonely waxman couldn't conjure the glide as the russians for example. But somehow i fought my way to Finish, getting 1+0+2+2 penalties and the low rang 50th! That sounds like a nightmare, but as I checked last years results I had lost over a loop to the winner at that time. And in Sprint I had the same position, but last year 1 penalty! I hope it's getting better now--- I'm finally at home!!:D no more spaghetti and minced meat sauce.^^'

So back to the track. After races we headed straight to München... Eagerly waiting for flight back home. As the rest of Europe was fighting against snowheaps we managed to get home... Nice. Only missing my baggage, rifle and skies. Luckily a day after my arrival I got them. :)

One good race and a couple of okey races and lot of experience, again. That's the result from the latest three weeks! Not good, not bad. Anyways I think after this Christmas pause and training I'll be more fit and locker. : )

On Monday I was Christmas shopping and I got some perfect presents for my beloved ones:) Daddy will get something really awesome!:DD I'll tell you later... heh.

BUT one of the best Christmas presents I got already!! A phonecall from the coach. I'll be starting in WorldCup in January! So Biathlon WorldCup in Oberhof at first, then maybe Ruhpolding and Anterselva!!=) So Come on everybody and cheers!! See you hopefully on the track!:)))

Still, One of my merriest X-mas wishes is that I would get a kind note from a vip person... Looking forward to January... =) Maybe my wish comes true..

Now time for Christmas Holidays! Tomorrow I'll head to our Nationalpark Koli and take my snowshoes and take a round:) -30c degrees and sunshine. And the shortest day of the year! Luckily it's spring soon!=)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011! God Jul och gott nytt år! Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! С Рождеством Христовым и с Новым годом!



ps. A warning for naughty kids (and adults). In Martell we had a team dinner on Thursday. During the funny evening we got a visit from 5 Krampus. Check out from Google what they are for. Anyways these hairy monsters slapped (specially) girls with their "brooms". I was hanging out with austrian boys, and the boys tried to get them on me. This one in the picture came afterwards to me.. Me yealling " Ich bin nicht böse"..( I'm not naughty) and he just laughed like a naughty Santa.. "Ich glaub dir nicht.." (I don't believe you) :DD Crazyyyyy. Auf Wiedersehen!:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back on the track in Italy and Austria!

not having any world Cups during december. That meant we had a preparationcamp for Martell Ibu-cup starting already 4th of Dec. One week in Obertilliach, and we were NOT alone there!:DD So many teams training there, so many competitions during Sunday. ÖSV had some qualiraces for european xc-cup, germans their own sprint for IBU-cup, as well as austrian biathletes had their pursuits then.

3 days training at home before rushing to the train again. Finnair had cancelled all flights during that week, I got a phonecall from the headcoach only two hours before the last train left:D eh. a bit stressy packing and off to Helsinki... really really nice:D

Anyways we got a lot of luck during the flights, from Helsinki- Düsseldorf- München. And all in!=) Amazing luck, we got all our stuff and also the way to Obertilliach was smooth. Our world Cup-team otherwise didn't had that luck as their baggages and rifles were a long time somewhere between Östersund-Stockholm- Copenhagen-München..
Funny story from the airport:D ; A mixed group of men were having a bachelor- party, on the way to somewhere and sitting in the same plane. "the husband" was selling some "items" for our guys.. and wanted to give me some xs strings... but I didn't take them;) hehe. but we got a lot of laugh:D

Preparation for Martell was brilliant as the sun was shining and the temperature comfortable +1 - -6c =) I was skiing more classic, maybe that's why my body is getting better all the time.
When we got to Martell then it was perfect sunny weather and predicted -2c! perfect.. Only the next days skiing up there changed the perfect "imaginations":P. YEP. 1750meters above the sea level, the feeling a bit "weird":D Also the sight to the track. Steap long upphills and tricky, curvy downhills.. Kontiolahti is like a toyfield compared to that:D And I know what I'm talking about!

The races were as tough as they could be. Individual race, 15km's and very extreme wind conditions.. Miss Fortuna was a bit mixing the results as we saw some 0+5+4+1 or that kind of funny results at the range:p For me it was a bit "Pech"... 1+2+3+1, and also 7minutes extra. wiuh, I found myself on the place 38 on the resultlists. The feeling on the last loop, and the last 700meters. Pure uphill, wind against and all in... heh. And the curvy down hill to the finish. I barely stood on my skies^^' highest lactat ever!!:o

Living in a hotel where we had a swimmingpool and sauna (but no internet) recovered me quite a well from the long race. Max puls in the race was still low, 181... a bit afraid of the high altitude? But still I skied my legs "off"..:D oh lovely. On Sunday's sprint, though, I made my best result this season.
2+0 penalties in a tricky wind again and a nice 18th place! I was really near by top ten after the last shooting, but my tired legs dropped me down 6 places during the last hard 2,5 kms..

Anyways I'm quite a happy with the results, I even won the the winner from Beitostölen (Kalina)... as she had 4 penalties. The feeling, it's getting better. Only 3 weeks and good training I've reached a bit the top! makes sence!:)

Now out to run and then sauna=) As well waiting for a guest later then...
Races on Friday and Saturday, sprint and pursuit, predicted weather around -15c. hrrr,nice. Thumbs up and GO!=)


Flight by flight---

How was I wondering last time, Kaisa may be in a good shape right?
And hell yes she is!:)) Congrats to her and her superior season start both in Östersund and Hochfilzen. I'm glad and proud too:) As I've seen most of the races in tv, it seems the weather conditions have been very extreme during the past two weeks!

And what happened to me? Well, after GP-races in Kontiolahti we packed our things and flew to Norway where we had IBU-races in Beitostölen! There we had the same freezing weathers like in Muonio. During the racedays we had -15c or even more plus very tricky hard wind! ufff.
Anyways I nearly did well there. As my prone shooting was brilliant, my standing was horrible..
On Sat I had 0+3 penalties and was two minutes behind the leader. On Sunday I managed to dropp one target more and ended up to the place 33. So I was the 3rd woman in our group and got a flightticket back home.

Somehow we just managed to rush to the last train home, with Sarkku:D I must say it was so near to miss it with the slow bus, late flight...hrrrr. My little brother Ahti, though, made again some good results there, 2nd best and so he continued to Östersund and to Hochfilzen!!=)) proud sister...=)

The story continues a bit later...:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muonio and the season starts!!.)

Ramsau, Ramsau.. I've been in Finland over a month! The latest weeks have been flying and it's time for season start soon!!
As there has been no time or no internet it has been a bit difficult to guess where I'm:D Now I'm at home in Joensuu and heading tomorrow to Helsinki and from there to Oslo! And the destination is Beitostölen:) There will be the first biathlon IBU-cup this season...

After Ramsau we had two weeks trainingperiod here in Kontiolahti, mostly in good conditions, sometimes rainy and warm. Well, unfortunately, I got sick just 5 days before the first qualification-race in Vuokatti! Poor me. Hard training and rainy weather didn't fit together.. I didn't even go to school to avoid this huge fluwave (Okey, I wouldn't go there anyways:D). Pity but true, I stayed 3 days in Vuokatti doing nothing, without internet and watching when others were fighting from the places to IBU-cup! As our (whole) A-team, Kappa and Mari are heading straight to Östersund there's only one place to World cup. And in men's category as well 3 places. So after Beito we will know who continues to Sweden and who to Italy! (IBU-cup preparation in Obertilliach/Ridnau).

Anyways, straight from Vuokatti we headed to Muonio to the last trainingcamp before the season starts! Long way to drive, but me and my lt bro managed to make it quick. So 10 days training, living in a lovely house with Kappa, only 5 meters from the track! So after being sick a while I managed to get on my feet again and "catch" the days I lost earlier... It was also nice to see biathlonfriends from other countries. Swedish team just left the place when we arrived and the germans came there only a few days later:)

We had one trainingcompetition during the last days, pursuit with individual start. In this cold weather I didn't get the feeling for shooting but skiing was okey, only 1 minute after Kappa. But must say she didn't take all in:) As you know she was 7th in Muonio skating race only a 2 days earlier, only 30sec after Follis, Kowalzyk and Majdic. WOW!

The season started officially later then last weekend when we had gp-races here in Kontiolahti. After long homejourney and some specialtraining I had lost the "greatest" feeling, and climbing up the world cup-track at this time of the season felt like crawling in the mud.D Anyways Kaisa won outstanding again, leaving (well-shot) Mari by a minute, and olympic winner Kuzmina over a minute!! I managed to hit 4 and 4 but in the skiing time I lost 3 minutes instead of last weeks 1 minute. usch. In pursuit my shooting was nearly good, that means 1+0+0+3. The last standing was shaking legs after 4 loops this "lovely" track:p

I got anyways the place to the team, as the coaches believed that I can do better. So I'm heading to Norway and who knows where I'm later:) But beware of Kaisa! On Sunday she won over two minutes before Kuzmina.. let's see how it goes after a week!! Now it's time for packing again:) It'll be interesting too see where the other stands at this early time of the season.. Would be nice to start in Östersund, but it may be too early for me...
Week by week it goes better. Mainly cause I'm having a bit easier training from now on..:))

See ya somewhere in Europe!!!!!=) on the road again...
ps. pick from Muonio

Saturday, October 16, 2010

in da Ramsau =)

Grüss di!

Bin wieda mal in Finnland u es gibt seit 3 tage vü schnee! so super owa ich vermisse scho die Bergen, Ramsau u noch was...:)
Ja so was this introduction in german. It would be actually nice to write here in german, or swedish. But as most of my friends understand english so it's better this way. The language that I cannot so good as the other ones..:P

Well, as most of you know we had a trainingcamp in Ramsau, in lovely Austria! In the program there was skiing on the glaciär/aufm Gletscher at the altitude of 2600 above the sea level! quite high, but stunning views and good tracks!:)) This year there was much more snow than the previous year, no black snow, only a bit icy tracks early in the morning! And who could believe I was waking up earlier than 7am just to get up to the gondol and to ski!:D But if you have been there even once, or seen some pics... it's worth it!:) Sunshine and allt that.. Just so awesome. During 15 days when we were there I filled my "mental"batteries for the coming season and these miserable/dark weathers here in Finland I'll stand by this imagination, skiing in Ramsau:))

What comes to the weather, the first two days it was snowing up there, couldn't see the track properly but the tracks weren't icy at least and the skies were gliding all the way perfect^^' the next 13 days it was just awesome sunshine:D that's why i still look a bit like a pandabear:)
Down in the valley we had good conditions for training, on the rollerskies, running with poles, powertrainings etc. Even shorts were needed!!:) Grejjjt!

We did the hard trainings "downstairs" and up there only quite easy.. someday higher lactat, some other day " i believe i can fly!..:D (means excellent!) One rest day and two half days off we drove the program. Some guys of our finnish team were a bit sick during the last few days, but otherwise the camp succeeded pretty well I think. Also my little brother, first time there, was doing really great. Training with the "big ones" without any problems.. I say beware, he's fit for the JWCH's!;)

I enjoyed the stay there, and actually wanted to stay there a bit longer...=) for that I had many reasons, but one of them was the chilly weather here in Finland! Since Wednesday there's been snow on the ground!! oh well.. luckily today when I was skiing first time here in Kontiolahti at the cooled ski track it was a bit sunny.) Just to mention we have 3,5km's track here, 60cm snow and world cup tracks ready for us, for russians and some other teams:)

4th of November we have the first qualification race in Vuokatti. The first and the last!! so early, but same for everone.. It's the q-race for IBu-cup in Beitostölen, if you don't get there you can forget the other races abroad as well during December! Tough game, isn't it?
I'll do my best, and if it's not enough I just need to train more. This year we have only 3 places in WC, and 4 places in IBU-cup so the competition is hard!

But time for relax and sauna. Luckily our perfect hotel in Ramsau, Kobaldof, offered us finnish sauna every evening, swimming, golf and other stuff to get a good relaxation between and after the trainings:) Plus points go to Austrian biathlon A-kader, keeping me some company when I had a bit boring as the only finnish girl living in that hotel. I was also using my german, swedish and russian skills as the lifts were full of norwegians, and swedish biathlon and military teams were there as well. Germany biathlon teams joined us the second week, funny boys andi, simon etc:D As the canadians left the building and there came hundreds of russians I forgot my few french phrases and tried to speak some russian instead... Incredible but true, I managed some conversations:P

But now off... talk you later... in english.^^')
training hard and waiting for the first biathlon races.. hopefully you too!?;)

xox LG

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kontiolahti 2015 and autumn plans!:)

Wieder hier...Çava?.)
It took a while before I'm back here, but it means only that I've been busy..!! And in this case training!:) Autumn is already here as the leaves are falling from the trees and it's been really chilly and rainy. Luckily I'm heading soon to lovely Ramsau!!:) On Sunday finnish biathlon A-/B-team will travel to München and straight way to Ramsau am Dachstein... I hope the weather will be as great as last year; sunshine and shorts "downstairs" and nice skiing auf dem Gletscher!! We'll see, I'm anyways more than glad to be back there as these surroundings here are getting a bit boring sometimes... Even if our austrian "helper" Joe Obererlacher is back here in the city and will train our younger biathletes the next two weeks. (Pity that our sportclubboss didn't realize the fact that nearly half of the team is at that time in Ramsau!!^/)

Anyways, the coach things are not any clearer, but we have to live with the fact that the system will work like this until next spring. Then's the time for change, maybe...
Me and my little brother had hard VOmax tests last week in Vuokatti and it looks good for the coming season!... counting; two months to go...:D And one month will pass quickly when we are in Ramsau 15 days and then what else...:))

The fact why I wanted to write here actually was the desicion, Kontiolahti will held biathlon World Championships 2015!! So there's a way to go.. I hope I'll be racing there, reaching the top. but it means hard training 4,5 years... good coach(es) and training system! And I guess >I need also some change in my surroundings! More than probably I'll be spending my training time somewhere abroad.. Best offers will be taken on!;)

Now my russian and french books are waiting for me^^') Eh, I've been already a couple of times at school, but I bet I'm not able to finish even half of the courses that I've chosen!.D Maybe I'll take my Bachelor exams in the spring..:p

See ya in Ramsau.. or later then; Beitostölen eller vad som helst^^D au revoir!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Östersund & new coaches

Hejjjj! Here we are, unfortunately back in rainy Finland.. Where are the gorgeous views over Storsjön, warm weathers and smily people? It's all in Östersund, and it will always be!:)) One week in Sweden passed absolutely too quickly, wishing it would last forever:D

The trip started from Vuokatti as we drove through Finland to Vaasa where we took the "pizzaboat".:D It was nice to get to know our new coach (and the only one in finnish biathlon association) from Norway!:) Kristian happened to be a nice, professional and co-operating coach. And for my side it was really easy to discuss on the things as we both speak svenska!:)) The trainingweek was tough, including intervalls or hard powertraining every day. Glad to have sore (new?:D)muscles, but for the competitions at the weekend it wasn't so excellent. :D Anyways our big team from Finland, juniorteam+ a couple of B-team+ 50% from A-team(=Mari).. first 5 days training and then rollerski biathlon Ibu- cup, sprint and pursuit! Me like^^'

In sprint I managed to shoot quite well 0+1, but how lazy I was on the track!! oh shame on me.. Anyways, I finished something like one week after the winner, Helena Ekholm.. (One mention, I managed to shoot quicker and better on the first prone!;)) LOL. so Back to the pursuit where my skiing was getting a bit sharper. However, my shooting got a bit worse and when gathering 6 penalties I didn't get any chance against top 10^^ BUT, Grattis till Bettan, dagens vinnare!!

Hard work pays off!!:))

Congrats to our finnish junior boys, as they managed to reach top 6!! Okey, the norwegian gangsters didn't get a chance to compete equally as the organizers didn't let them start in the top (outside Ibu-cup!) To beat 2 minutes in sprint, then start 6 minutes after the best no-norwegian in pursuit. Ridiculous:D

Luckily it's still 3 months to go before first snowraces!! So after 24-hours-trip back home, staying the night in Umeå, getting bored on the pizzaboat and driving all the way through Finland back home to chilly Joensuu.. So tired!!! And It didn't really help my physical condition that we have an austrian coach, Joe, here this week! But after 7 hours sleep I was back at the stadium to meet (again a new) coach with a new trainingsystem! But without any fear..!!:)

This week went after all quite well, the others having a lot of intervalls and tough training this week. I had to skip some of them, taking rest after the hard week in Östersund.. Well, Joe is also nice (as well as Kristian). ANd here we are.. It's quite tough situation now and the question is what's gonna happen now ;to continue with the familiar russian system (but no coaches on the range^/), move to Vuokatti and train with norske Kristian or begin with austrian system until the next olympic games.. (cause that's the goal for me and for everybody I think!) Interesting times indeed. I'll write about this issue later then, when I know something new!:))

Today we had rollerski race here in Kontiolahti. +8 grades and rain in the night.. After such a feeling during the week I managed to take in everything I had left^, shooting 0+0 and hard last loop, I got a half minute gap to Sarianna (2nd). (and yes, Kaisa Varis was on the startline as well fyyy##¤%&¤%¤#!!!, luckily I beat her with 2 min..)
So tomorrow's the teammeetingday. We'll be wiser then:))
Now off to run a bit and waiting for next easy week and some UNIVERSITYstuff! Grejt!;))
Believe or not I'll be there, at least during the lunchtime.

ps. tackar Camp Södergren! Väldigt fint å bo där uppe!!.. extra poäng att svenska herrlaget med Tobbe, Ferry med mera bodde strax ovanför oss :DD kuuul!

xox Lara

Friday, August 13, 2010

Running away...

We had the first and the last cross-biathlon races in Lahti last weekend!
So from this point it's time to concentrate more and more to skiing..:p Anyways briefly the results and feelings from the weekend... Nice and extremely hot!! Three races in a row and the temperature (still) in the shadow like +34c!

Not really my favouriteweather but anyways, we survived... Drinking water, swimming, shower... you name it!:D On friday we had sprint competition in the evening. I was a bit lazy on the track, nor did my standing shooting astonish (3 penalties)! so the tight race after our outstanding Kaisa (with 6 penalties), I finished 8th. bad! But next day the individual race and very hot weather.. I tried not to die... and finished 3rd!!:)) the best woman shooter of the day with 3 penalties and not bad running! I think it's okey result with this huge amount of runningraces behind (none!:D)..
So after the race we had a nice relaxing evening at the city! Unfortunately our coaches didn't like the idea being a bit out.. And me driving the big car. So quilty!:D

Anyways, on Sunday it was the relay day!! Our team; me, Sarianna, and Piia finished 2nd after Hämeenlinna's team..:) And to mention our superior boys won their juniorboys' relay! including my little brother (the fastest runner in men category btw!) and also the "youngsters" suprised with golden medals!:) so good day for Kontiolahti sport club!!

So that's it!! Time for packing and enjoying the last (maybe) warm nights and days of the summer! Today we still had +29c over here!!... wondering when it will get any colder..:D

Next goal is anyways Östersund!:) First I head to our summercottage to enjoy tomorrow's heat.. then I drive to Vuokatti!.) From there we start with our new norwegian coach, drive minibuses, taking ship to Sweden... So here we come, Östersund!:)) I've really been missing it and of course the friends over there.
So one week's trainingcamp and then the IBU-cup rollerskiraces!.) Nice to see where we stand at this time of the season..

So off we go.. Dunno if I come back after all the crab that we have had here, coachsituation and blaaaah.. Well, I will.. To meet an austrian coach who will be here one week to check our trainings and giving advice. Maybe fixing a studentplace for me in Obertilliach, or somewhere there *gg*

så vi ses!!! KRAMAR

Sunday, August 1, 2010

7th time, back in Otepää!!

Tons of sweat. ..That's how I could describe our 2,5 weeks trainingcamp in Otepää, Estonia! Temperature didn't go under +22c, not even during the nights. so hot!! If I had holidays it would have been fun and nice B) , but as a sportler it was a bit tuffer.. even too hot! Sometimes my cheeks white I wished I was swimming already in the lake.. eh.

Liquids, liquids.. and shelter! That's what we did between the trainings. Otherwise we didn't need shirts to wear in the trainings, nor the others.^^' that made landscapes even better, though.. and you know what I mean!:P At the same time there were both russian biathlon teams, ukraine team, estonian team, some other russian teams etc..
Sometimes it brought some problems how to get some shootingplaces, as the priority lay on the a-teams... Anyways, I must consider that AGAIN Otepää trainingcamp was the highpoint of the summer and summertraining. I feel comfortable there, and I think the surrounding and trainingconditions are so perfect! And living next to shooting range... both thumbs up:)))

This time we didn't get the good advice from our headcoach Anatoly, as he was so eagerly working with rus a-team. Our two "advicers" here couldn't fill A's place, unfortunately. One of them (fater of two boys in the team) could organize trainingfacilities and so on, otherwise his knowledge about the coaching couldn't improve the quality of the trainings!. What comes to this new, young x-c coach.. He flew to some own races to Lappland during the camp, returned back in a high fewer and after that he was only chilling the rest of the camp. Great, isn't it?:D Unfortunately our youngest got sick (maybe due to this "new coach) during the second week, and also my roommate Sarkku just in the end of the camp. In this heat fever and throwing out aren't nice..^//

so Help help.. It doesn't seem so bright over here. But living with the facts... AND luckily we have done the same kind of program already 4 years (okey for me only two cause of my sweden year:)) so we already know how it should be done...! I hope that the things will be better during the autumn and this was only hesitated conclusion about the new system..

So 7th time in Otepää, not the best but otherwise as precious as the previous years!:) And after three years the Estonian Rally event entered the city, filling the streets during the first weekend. and also blocking the streets and preventing us from rollerskiing on the new shootingrange area! damn. Somehow I managed to get us VIP-tickets, trying the rallycar.. and you name it!:D hilarious:)) and not forgetting to mention my friends from Saalfelden!! Dankeeee, war echt supa!:)

Anyways we got this all through and came back home, only to feel the same heat!
Now it's been time to chill out, celebrate my birthday (yes, I'm one year wiser..:D) and then welcome August and the new challenges.

Next stop Lahti and Finnish Champs in cross-biathlon. Then I'll head to dear Östersund! 8 days trainingcamp and the IBU-rollerski cup.. that's the plan and that's what I'm eagerly waiting for!:)) let's check the situation..

Now time for European Champs and Barcelona in my sight! ..Thorkildsen.. *gg* :P

ps. I got now a new bike after the accident!!! :) yeee

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The life before and after the disaster.

The sun is burning and the training goes on.. it's +30c degrees outside and I'm melting down^^'
It's been a while since I wrote last time, but it's only a good sign, I'm been busy doing training, or just too lazy to sit inside in these lovely summerweathers!!

But to the latest news and happenings. July passed wuite quickly, three weeks trainingcamp was just enough to complete.. Some lovely restdays I was hanging out at the city with the friends, taking some tour to the circus (see the pics from FB) or watching the movies Sex and the City 2 or Twilight Eclipse. For that point I was very happy:) and we still had 4 days to go at the training camp when I had this disaster morning...

I was cykling towards the near by forest when I just was hit by car in the crossroads! Well, I saw the car, thought this 76-years old man would see me... but he didn't. He came straight on me, behind the "stop-signs", turning to the right and hitting me to the left side^/ I flew to the engine bonnet and to the asfalt, just in a seconds! But i had so much luck at this time.. didn't hit my head, nor broken bones.. only scratches and big bruises on my left leg (and damaged thigh^/)! Am I a catwoman or something? well, I ended up to the hospital for a day, an ambulance and two policecars taking care of me and my damaged bike. (they didn't let me go home!!!) too bad, but luckily my doctor was young and handsome, so I cheered up a bit during the day... :)
Mm.. but 5cm more up and the oldie would have hit my thighbone's upper end.. In this case I would not be running at the moment!!^/// grr...

So that was the lovely Tuesday! I got antibiotics, bandages and something else. At the middle of misummer's week. Damn! I was not allowed to run or jump or drink or swim or Sauna!! so Midsummer's day "parties" i spent lovely at home, cleaning up and listening to the quit city.. Maybe it was only good physically! Mentally it's very depressing not able to do the thing you love to! I tried rollerskies after a couple of days... a bit painful it was, though! Even I had good medicin..^^'

Anyways I'm back in the training right now! What happened two weeks ago, there are only this black bruises in my left leg.. otherwise I'm as stunning as always:D
I just came from Vuokatti where we had biathloncarnevals going on. There were also all the cross-country teams and a lot of "skiing-people":) Otherwise my weekend was kind of perfect, on Saturday we were sailing a bit, grilling, chilling.. etc:D I was also skiing in the grey tunnel^^' -4 inside and +30 outside!! sounds even better, right?..:P

Now time for packing!! on Friday we head to hot Otepää.. coming back 26th of July. or dunno when I'm finally at home:))

Not so much time for rest anyways, as we have the cross-summerbiathlon Finnish Championships in Lahti 6th-8th of August.. then 15th-24 of August the B-team and junior-team will have a trainingcamp/IBU-rollerski biathloncup competitions in Östersund!!<3 :))) jååååååååå....

Have a nice summertime!! getting tanned, yeah..:))

Friday, June 4, 2010

The future in our hands!

Last weekend we had a classmeeting in my hometown Polvijärvi, a small village with 5000 inhabitants and only 40km's away from the big city Joensuu. Well, we were around 90 of us who were studying in the primary school the last three years 2000-2003. Now it was time to see some familiar faces, ca 40 of us.. long time, no see! A funny evening after all with a lot of laugh and interesting histories!:) I think the most "awarded" person was my classmate, a husband and three kids (at the age of 23)! eh... I've a lot of to catch up!:D (I'm just 21y, though)..

Anyways the evening was long but nice... Celebrating in the local pub^^' But from now on my job is to train hard.. It's my summerjob, my all-year work and it's my hobby and it's my passion and 24 hours per day. Eh, dunno where is my husband and three kids (and a dog)?:D

So back to the business.. Only one doubt.. Our dear coach Anatoly will be staying in Russian next year and coaching the russian A-team. The reason for this change was after all, family! You know, sometimes there are bigger things than just sport.. like love for wife:) So I appreciate his decision and after all it's not even making such a diffirence to our trainings. Actually it's getting better!!!:) Anatoly will be still writing trainingprograms, and will be for example training with us in Otepää in July and later with me in Ramsau. Instead of this nobel man, we got three new coaches to compensate Anatoly! And I think it will be working perfectly!:) shooting coach and everything. So from this sudden fright and fear that I'll end up coachless, turned out to be a jackpot!

I didn't have any fear, though. I had already been thinking several oppoturnities, most of them linked to an exchange year abroad, moving to Austria or near by:)) (what a surprise!:P) And like usually things are always solved out somehow^^' But it's not my current though. Even if it would be more than great to make it true, rightaway!!:D supppa schen...

The first 3-weeks trainingcamp will begin next monday after this weekend's celebration when the "youngsters" are leaving the school with white hats and the others finishing other educations:) So I'll be working as a waitress a whole day tomorrow, and maybe ending it with one drink at the city;) I just got the trainingprogram for the camp, and it will be tuff job to fulfill it! (with joy, however:))! so eh, thumbs up and off we go^^'

so everything's fine..:) now sex and the city...? (2;))

And you know, it's only three weeks to go to Midsummer's day, bright and sun all night along....;)

ps. pics from 2010 and 2006.. I know, you get only dumber after taking the A-levels (das Abitur!):P

Monday, May 17, 2010

What the spring brings...?

Long time no see^^' after the wonderful wintertrip to Sweden I had to head back to Finland to do the last exams and all missing schoolworks.. And of course the last funny race of the season, supersprint!:)

That was a funny one, with 4 shootings, supershort tracks and shiny sunny weather... a huge "lake" on the shooting range:D Anyways, that was a nice way to end the miscellaneous season with up- and downhills!
So it was time for off-season and recharging to the new one..

I did it by concentrating a bit to the schoolworks, and after that a marvellous trip in the middle Europe!:) so after celebrating the craziest week at the uni (before 1st of May!!) there are every evening going some party and the suit is always overalls! (for me the ugly yellow one).. :DD
But before the chilly rainy Finland overtook my bored mind I headed to Zürich and from there forward to Kreuzlingen, the city next to German boarders. That was a tiny chock when it was +25 when I arrived and -2 in Joensuu!!:D Loving sun<3

I celebrated 1st of May actually in Loney, Lausanne where my friend's friend had a small scandinavian party!!:)) It was really awesome to get to know new faces, and above when they all were funny and nice people!! I think I enjoyed a lot of this random trip to the southern Schweiz:) so around Switzerland.. Geneva, Luzern and so on.. I could say that the traveling is tuff job, but in this case it was brilliant. Nice views and good company..:) And how many of you has done morningrunning to Germany and back??;) or been at the gym where you have hundreds of different "powervehicles"!.. (and I used only a few of them:D) That's Schweiz!!!

So after almost one week in lovely Schweiz my german sponsor Steinbach picked me up from Kreuzlingen and we headed to rainy Meiningen. Then the day after to Oberhof to check the places...:) I had a short coffee pause with a biathlon friend while Manuel had some meeting.. It seems my trainingcamp in Oberhof in the autumn will happen! Even it's a bit unsure one, cause of other things... B-team trainingcamps and my coach will may have some other opinions..

Anyways, after Thüringer grillparty I headed by train to Paris!! Me and one of my best friends (from the early childhood.D) conquered Paris in 2 days. Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel, Champ's de Elysee and so on... And to mention we climbed up to the Eiffel by STAIRS!!:D hehe. Try it..,) I say it was a nice training^^' With hurting legs (from all this walking) we headed to Le Mans where my friend actually lives.. A beautiful city, warm sunny weather... what a gorgeous morning running in the near-by- forests:))

So then back to Finland via Paris and overnight in Helsinki.. My baggage arrived home after two days though cause of strike at Paris' airport!! So after this genious vacation I am ready to start training once again.. at full blast, the next 350 days, 24/ 7... you know.. this nice easy "work":D
We just had the first trainingcamp in Vuokatti..
The weather is perfect! +27c and sun at the moment! :) Yesterdays long training in our nationalpark Koli was one of the best ever!

Looking forward to the next weeks..

see ya later xox

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweeeet Sweden!

So back to the story:)) or fairytale..

Well, I arrived to Östersund early in the evening, and stayed by a biathlonfriend until my friend who had been in x-c SM in Skellefteå would arrive to the city:) Anyways, early in the next morning I was supposed to head to Lima, 340kms south from Östersund. Swedish Champs in Biathlon! Luckily I didn't need to drive by myself!:) (Would have been cheaper, though. Got parkingfees 2x 600kronor (60euros) Nice?:DD) In the end I got an excellent accommodation in a very cheap price, thanking Erik Gradin very much!!:)

So we had sprint and pursuit in the program! the weather was nice and sunny and there were nearly 20 of women on the startline!:) In Finnish Champs we hardly had 15th! so how did it go for the finnish champion?:D well, I lost over 3 minutes to the top.. Okey, ACO and Helena Jonsson were so much ahead of others! with clear shootin ACO won 40sec before Helena, then there were a gap like 2 minutes before the third woman Anna-Maria Nilsson! I was 11th, with two misses in the standing. It was tuff battle from 3rd place to 12th!! a bit over a minute..not bad!:) I was waiting for the pursuit to be interesting.. climbing up the "murderhill" 5 times would "kill" anybody":D

Anyways, I didn't get this chance.. The arrangers wanted me to start together with ACO (in the guestclass!) so that was that. I hanged with Aco.. a while *grinning* then I got company from Helena in the first and 2nd shooting.. ( I shot clean, Helena missed one!:D) but after that I started to gather penalties. twice from second prone and first standing.. so I barely saw anybody on the track. Anyways last shooting clean, and I could ski to the finish as 3rd..:) The tracks were tuffer in pursuit as the sun smleting the snow, and all the upphills were like playing swampsocker!:D Comparing to the other girls I would have been 7th.. What is in the end quite good:) So that was the last race of this season if I don't get a huge eager to race after one week in Kontiolahti...

I stayed one night in Lima, standing in the rain next day cheering up the others:D Then we horried up to Östersund where the season's best race and afterski was waiting for us!.D Unlucklily we missed the down-hillrace (with Redbull and Jägermeister) but the big dinner was in the evening!! nearly 100 x-c skier and biathletes gathered together in a secret place to eat a nice dinner, then heading to the city.. afterparty:D I would say, really awesome evening!! And I did see many of my friends..:)) and met also some news! Thanks New Sweden Team for arranging this geniuos happening!.)
The day after I was skiing.. enthusiastic!! Was so awesome to be back in the city and ski on the stadium:)) Hopefully I'll be skiing here again soon.. At least in December in biathlon WC:))
Anyways I spent the evening by a dinner with my friends.. Then heading to Åre, the best skicentrum in Sweden(?).D I got invitation a day earlier, and without thinking more I wanted to join this miscellaneous group I hardly knew...(I'm not shy ^^D)! Anyways, it was really fun.. ! Living in the luxorious hotel on the top of hill, in a suite! Spa and afterski.. lot of people and marvellous breakfast, for free!!:D eh. Not bad, isn't it?:))

Next morning the prefect weather, clear blue sky and -2! A nice skitrip in Åre.. then returning back to Östersund:)) This is it! I just say, what a trip.. spontanious, hilarious.. And I have still two days to go!!:))) I don't want to go back to rainy Finland, where all snow has nearly disappeared and the boring schoolstuff is waiting for me..^^'
I really have to book a flight to somewhere warm or south after 1st of May:D Before that it's impossible cause of school and univesity celebration... eh.D Okey, We'll see... Now I'll enjoy the last days in lovely Sweden..:)


Season's ending..:))

Tjäna! Now it was time to update. It's been a bit hectic again, with the last races to this season and my trip to Sweden:)
After World Cup in Kontiolahti I managed to "visit" school and train to the remaining races. First in the program we had Cross-country finnish Champs in Kontiolahti. I was supposed to ski on Friday in the sprintrelay with Sarkku and on Sat we had normal relay 3x 5km! Well, briefly about the results, we got into the finals!:D We never expected that!:) In sprintrelay each team has two skiers (skating style this year) and each of them skies 1,2km at full blast.. then exchange and this 3 times per each!!:D tuff job I would say!!:) But to do it twice during a few hours... So we got the place 14th. I think it's very good among the world's best skiers like Saarinen, Kuitunen etc..!! and next morning I really felt like I had been doing something extraordinary^^' In biathlon you never had that kind of races! But how weird that sounds, it felt easier than in a while..maybe the sunshine and warm weather had risen up my spirit and musclework^^D anyways it was easy to reach my normal maxpulse.. It hadn't happened since december...^/ extremely cold weathers had taken the sharpest shape!

What comes to the relay on Sat. I took the second leg, and managed to bring us to exchange as 14th, having a good leg!! (oh, don't mention about the first exchange.. eh. maybe I was a bit "sleepy" cause I missed Sarkku's coming to the exchange area so that she had to wait me a while, me rushing past the girls in the queue:D) anyways, we didn't loose that much time:D we end up to the place 24th in the end, the last girl had just been sick so her goal was to ski into the finish! After all not bad races!!:) We'll have two biathlon races in April but let's see if there's any snow left then:D

Then I jumped into my car, rushed back to home, quick packing and coffeepause with a friend.. Off we go to Vaasa and early on Sunday morning to Sweden!!;) yeee. That I had been waiting so long time.. My coach wasn't really happy about my plans, but what he can do,) The season in Finland is pretty much over, and my urge to visit friends in Sweden was really strong. So after 500kms driving through Finland to the west coast I was in the night in Vaasa and at 8 o'clock (am) the pizzaboat headed to Umeå! (do not forget to change the summertime, "¤&#%%%!!^^) after 6 (!!!) hours of this horrible seatrip I rested a while in Umeå by my dear friend Anki, watching the last biathlon WCH race of the year!:) lovely! Congrats to Germany for the 1st place, to Norway for the 2nd place and of course to Sweden with the 3rd place!!:))

Then it was already time to continue to Östersund, accommodation still unknown:P That's in the next blog then...;) now off to sunshine and ski a while,) Ciao! I return here with some pics.. and stories from Sweden,)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Biathlon World Cup in Kontiolahti:)))

How could I describe the week... Awesome, marvellous, hectic, stressy, warm, cold, new experience, new faces, super athmosphere, nice views, cute guys, tuff races and extreme excitement...!!:D How come..

We arrived to Joensuu on Monday afternoon after trip to Otepää. at 4 o'clock I had to be already at the airport welcoming Canadian team as a Chief of Attachees:D of course my other attaschees were there as well, but anyways I wanted to do my job well:)
The same pattern continued the next three days as we welcomed team in the afternoons, arranging things in the hotels and so on.. I started mornings by "chief" meetings @8am and was training mostly in the afternoon with other athletes, until Friday! I thought our coaches had put me to the lists as a reserv.. Cause Sarianna had been a bit ill and 5th named girl Annukka was at that point in Pokljuka! But no way.. As you know Mari got some fever and "everybody" thought I could replace her.... But this small mistake, not being on the list and IBU-rules. No start for me!! From this point I could forget skiing and I continued as a attaschee and working for dopingcontrol, picking up the athletes from the hotels etc...

Never mind, I had a wonderful weekend:) Getting to know more people than what I would have done as an athlete. Racing on the hometracks would have been great, though!! I enjoyed my job, and last night's delivering of drinkingtickets..:D hehe. I don't tell who and what and how. I just say what happens in the parties, stays in the parties:D School started at 8am on Monday.. was really a horrible back to the reality^^' walking straight from the *** to the university.. with a dizzy feeling "I should be somewhere else":D Somewhere else.. could have been Holmenkollen. Would have been brilliant But it didn't really surprise me that they took there only a few.. maybe next year we will have only 2 places in the WC:D LOL. nice job^^' Luckily there will be some changes within two months...

My gorgeus little brother got his first chance in World cup!! He shot nearly perfect, only one penalty. Unfortunately he got some "sting" in the lungs during the second loop so the skiing was not normal.. Anyways, I'm proud of him:) He will get some new chances next year too, I'm sure!!:))

Now it has taken two days to recover from the weekend^^' I think I still need a couple of days to be normalfit:D This weekend I'll be working as a skiteacher, next weekend we have Finnish Champs in cross-country here in Kontiolahti! I have sprintrelay and relay in the program:)
Straight after these competitions I'm heading to Sweden!! Biathlon Swedish Champs in Lima... and then I'm probably continuing to Östersund to celebrate Easter:)) Looking forward....

Thanks all my biathlonfriends from last weekend! See ya within a half year again.. :))


European Champs, part 3

What did I tell last time?.D since I wrote here last time had passed only 10 days.. but I've been "working" and running around the clock since then so excuse me for late updating:)

European Championships in Otepää ended with sprint and pursuit races in the lovely weather! Sunshine and minusgrades made me smile, although my own races were far away from satisfying level! In Sprint i got 1+1 penalties and ended up to the place 34.. my uncourageous skiing didn't bring me up on the lists. But there were at least one good point in that race, the last loop was fastest and only there I could try a bit harder skiing^^' you know, lactat can kill... 0_o

Anyways after three races I was already exhausted.. I was back to the hotel not earlier than 5pm. And what says our "genious" teamleaders (Not my own coach!!) "Everybody must be at the stadium for medalceremony at 7pm! wise move.. after race no time for rest, no finnish on the podium and outside -9!! great! And no other athletes from other countries there if not necessary!! I was refusing this foolish order but went with the others.. No wondering about the effects to Sunday! Other nice business from this armyleader. Come to knock our roomdoor at 7.30 am, when knowing we have a race in the afternoon..just saying " oh girls did I wake you up? lunch starts at 11am.bye!.. " If we had already known... Cause we didn't have any properly teammeeting either! we just found out the facts ourselves!! And just finally to mention, our leaders didn't understand a word in the teammeetings^^' LOL. I just say a word: disaster.

So on Sunday we had pursuit. I just have the same speed all the races! you know.. I could have skied 10 races one after another without a pause^^' anyways shooting was okey, except first standing! I thought I would be going to the place 11.. but they showed me the place 30!! last time they didn't fill it.. so from this steep small downhill I had to break fast to the last place and I think that scrambled my mind. Summa summarum, at least I got a lot of experience in these competitions. What i needed most was my relaxed skiing! these 100 weeks in the freaking cold weather didn't help either.. Anyways.. Now I'm on the road again:) unfortunately there are only few races left...

We left the city straight after pursuit so there were hardly no time for farewells.. pity! damn coaches! Luckily I saw a couple of mates here again in Kontiolahti World Cup..:) I missed some athlete's party, though.)

that's the next subject,) oh mann....

Friday, March 5, 2010

European champs, part 2

Greetings from the lovely sunshine!!! I just ended my best classic training this year! -3 and the superior tracks:) loving it!

What comes to the relay yesterday it was a pretty much fighting from the last place. Even though with better shooting we could have managed to reach even better places. This young team will get a new chance, though...

So penaltyqueens skied 5 times 150meters extra loop what doesn't really help when we loose already in skiing!! I myself managed to drop all the targets, using 5 reservbullets to hit my 2 misses^^ What comes to the weatherconditions it was snowing but temperature falling to -3c. Skiing is all the same! where the relaxed good technik? where's the hard-pushing girl what we've seen earlier this winter? dunno, only thing what I can do for the rest of the races is to focus my mind on shooting and not trying to try more what I can..

So tomorrow off we go for Sprint and then probably pursuit!.) Yesterday there were athelete's party, but for me it was only a small visit to the local pub and then I went quite early to the bed^^' good girl!

Finland got 4th place in mixed relay! Congrats.! My perfect-shootiing little brother skied the second fastest legtime and was amazing! :)) Proud of him, and also others in the team..!

Wish me luck, now's the time for the last chance to show....


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

European Champs in Otepää!

Here we are again!!:) Since end of July there's a lot of snow and the city looks a bit different, quite sleepy actually!
We travelled by bus all day on saturday to get to Helsinki and then continuing to Tallin and Otepää in the afternoon on Sunday. Luckily we got the best hotel in the town and at least food is something eatable.. (compared to some previous meals during the years.D)

Day 1.
Anyways racing started on Tuesday with Individual race. It's been snowing/raining already a couple of days, temperature just above +0 c! In the morning before start it was also windy and the new snow falling made a light "glue" under the skies^^' But I felt better than last weekend in -20c!:) So startnumber 3 and off we go. In zeroing the wind was calming down a bit and also snowing seemed to stop. Well, during the next 15 minutes it started to snow heavily.. and it got thicker all the time during the race. The tracks were soft and not really helping my poor skiing. It was like a repris from Hochfilzen. Only the tracks were not yellow ones.D

I shot 1+1+2+2 which was absolutely too much! For me it was like a lottery on the shooting range when the wind was blowing strongly. I ended up to the place 40 what in this case didn't satisfy me, nor my coach. And if I would try to not to fall down in the biggest downhill on the last loop helps a lot to get better placements^^'
It didn't prevent the top girls to make a good performances, though! Congrats German team!! Klasse!
So what can I do... More training. My season will be pretty much over after these champs so I'll try to show my best in tomorrow's relay and the weekend's races. Sprint and pursuit will be also on the program..:)

The weather getting colder and they have even forecasted some sun to the weekend so I'm excited!.) Thumbs up again.. I haven't lost my hope^^')

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh it's time for Olympics!

Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler are now in the world's spotlight. It's been nice to watch races (especially biathlon and cross-country). We've seen some nice surprises and also bad presentations. Luckily Svendsen, Fourcade, Ferry and Neuner didn't let me down.:)) Congrats.. Maybe after four years you'll see me 5 circles on the chest.) From the finnish viewpoint the Olympic games has been worse than ever before. Weather, snow, skies etc.. Maybe we should really have hired a psychologist...

I had my own games at the weekend, Open Biathlon Nordic Games in Hämeenlinna. How nice to get some dear biathlon concurrents from Sweden and Estonia!:) What comes to the races it was so horrible freezing weather. -19c (official temperature^^') plus biting wind 10m/s didn't not really give a chance to all to compete. All the competitions should have been canceled, but no way, of course they had to arrange races to get the money and fame^^ So Friday evening we had relay where I was in the 2nd team, getting the place 3 after the victorious swedish girls! Grattis! They really did good performances and showed to our 1st team, including 2 worldcupskiers, how to shoot!
On Saturday the weather looked sunny and great, but it was still windy and I got my nose and toes frozen. (The nose was the only thing what you could see under the buffs, tapes and hats:D)
1+1 and I was 3rd, 30seconds behind Sarianna. My riffle has still problems in the extreme cold weathers, co-operation is just temporary. Unfortunately, every raceday I had to use some reserve bullets to make five shots, my bolt spitting my bullets away one by one...^^/ this cost a lot of time.. And may have cost also the world cup place!!
On Sunday Elisabeth and Carro managed to catch the podium place after our outstanding winner, Teija!! I ended up to the place 5 with 2+1 penalties, skiing pretty good compared to the others. (not including Teija:D)

So why we really did 3 races? We wanted to have some good races before the headgoal of the season, European Championships in Otepää, Estonia. There were only a few things good to tell from the competitions, though. I'm really getting pissed off when the temperature is all the time below -20 and when it's not so it's snowing like hell and blowing it against your face^^ So the Preparation to the big champs hasn't been the perfect one. We'll see what happens. Anyways I'm more than glad to get out of the city and country! Otepää has either never let me down..

When it's cold you just can't train very well. So I was hardworking and managed to do my Bachelor Degree- exams, including 20 pages shit about swedish grammar:D I'll probably get my "papers" out in May. I still have to do a couple of small "things" with sportmedicin... Anyways, I'll be ready to do something else. I'm planning to take a year off in Austria or Germany, or maybe moving back to Östersund. (At least I know how to train there and have already friends there:)) Only "preventing" thing might be my coach Anatoly who just said he'll be here in Finland until next Olympic Games in Sochi 2014! We'll see. I'll be thinking about the oppoturnities...At least I'll be abroad, trainingcamps and so on.. as much as i can. Oberhof, September and then Ramsau here I come!:))

Then some bad and good news! I won't be skiing in the next world Cup in Kontiolahti. The big bosses had been again doing some random drawing.. never explaining where is the qualification race and when or what's the deciding "thing". Anyways, seems like Finnish champs were not. Maybe the first (and only the first) race in Hämeenlinna was the "one". At least that's the only race where I've lost during the last month to Sarianna... I must say that I'm pissed off about the way how they make the decisions..but my chance will still come. Fuck off! I'll kick my ass off in Otepää, for sure!! Anyways, you will see me working in the world cup as a Chief of Attasees!! Hopefully it's a nice job. Otherwise I'll take a snowboard and flight to Austria and never come back!

Then the good ones.. You will see at least one Toivanen racing in Kontiolahti! My gorgeous little brother Ahti managed to beat every single men in Hämeenlinna and so he got a place in the World Cup!!! Awesome! Thumbs up!:))) He will probably ski also in Holmenkollen.. Maybe I'll join him to Norway and watch the races and so on;)

So next week I'll be in Estonia:)) I've always liked the place.I haven't been there in the winter, though. After that week only working in the WC I'll perhaps head to Sweden and to swedish Champions in Lima and continue to Östersund to celebrate Easter!!:))

Now time for OS again. Men's relay...:) Hopefully some of my secret favourites will be in the front line;)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finnish Champs, Frozen and Happy Ending:)

Maybe you could even see it? Me smiling wider than Grand Canyon:D

We had Finnish Champs this weekend in Kauhajoki, a small city on the other side of Finland!
On Friday I woke up 6 am to get into the car... and starting the 7-hours-journey! Zeroing starting at 3 pm, so we had hardly any extra time to go^^' Eh, stupid minds.. Better to get there day before, but never mind, we got there early enough and the sprint race was first in the program!:)

I must say that Kontiolahti is too perfect place for training, cause in Kauhajoki the matts were slippery and icy, shooting race full of "wholes" and some extra "stuff" on the tracks was not really good for my skies^^ Anyways, we did zeroing in the daylight, and the sprint race was later in the evening, starting 5.15 pm so that it really was dark, and the lights on the range were really poor. What comes to the weather it was as chilly as it can be on my scale. -16 c degrees and mild wind (getting harder in the evening..^) aren't really my favourites..

The courses were not so difficult so the only "differing" thing between the best girls was just shooting! Well, I shot horrible 3+1 penalties. Compared to Maija who won the race with fast and perfect shooting, I did have really problems with my shooting and specially with my riffle! It didn't want to co-operate with me that day, throwing out my bullets one by one so that my standing took nearly one minut!^/ Pity, cause I lost only 1 minut to the leader although I had 4 penalties more!

Well, Pursuit next day went a "BIT" better. From the place 6 I lightly moved upwards on the list.. shooting 0+0 on prone stages then two misses on the first standing and finally the last shooting zero!!:)) Well, that's how it should be. That's the normal me, and that's what I can!! Well, The sprint winner just ended her one penalty loop(of total 3 in pursuit) when I rushed out from the shooting range. To the final loop together, skiing in the lead and taking the last "sprint" to the finish!:D yeee. 5 seconds ahead. I was happy. My first never ever personal gold medal in senior class!!:)) Last year I got my first junior gold but now it was already senior... step by step I will be going to the top. Hoping to catch the world's bests after a couple of years:)

I had to admit that the race would've been a bit different if our best biathletes would have been there. Top three women are still in World Cup Anterselva so we had only a fight of the "fourth".. who knows how they had managed here in Finland..

So The first and the last Finnish Champs this year!! Olympics are now in February so I have barely any races^^ If you didn't already know so Finland will have only one woman and one man in Vancouver.. Pity, cause Finland has 5+5 places!! And not filling the places, I think it's just stupid. "Money, money, money..." or whatever would be the reason.. (Okey we should be only skiing and shooting better, simple thing^^')

Now I'll fix my school things, do my candidate exams- thing (B-level?) and train for the European Champs, hold in the beginning of March in Estonia!:) I was also planning to compete in IBU-cups in the Alps, but my coach thinks it's wiser to stay at home^^ (dunno why he still thinks I'm getting into troubles abroad or something!?:D)

back to the roots.. back to the books. and the training. Thumbs up for the ladies and gentlemans in Vancouver. So many of them I already know.. amazing!:) Luckily Sochi is only 4 years to go..

"We are the kings and queens of Promise, We are the Phantoms of ourselves, Maybe the children of a lesser god , between heaven and hell..." =good song:)

hugs/ Lara CrAft

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funnies and bunnies of the year^^'

A month passed without a sign of living, don't worry it means only that I've been quite busy..(or lazy.D)
After arriving home for Christmas I got sick and missed a few days of training.. and that's why New Year was also quite peaceful. Symphony concert a la J. Strauss and listening to Wiener Walz was just a comfortable way of welcoming the new decade. and above all I was planning to race the day after the new year's day so there were no point for harsh celebrating!.D
Temperatures has been down already a long time and also the q-races were just inside the limits, only "-20" on the startline. Stupid or not, I wanted to start! (not having any fever, though like in Canmore!!)

So considering the fact that I was not the topfit, I still ended up in sprint as 2nd with one penalty and only 9 seconds after my dear teammate Sarkku! well, that was enough anyways. She got the tickets to Oberhof and Ruhpolding. But Maybe it was only good for me to stay home and train.. don't want to be embrassed again when not being the absolut fit^^ I have time to come there! Beware Germany!,)

I've been at school a little bit, doing all the great exams what I should have done in Dec...:D Thus far, I've survived good enough! and passed:D that's enough. In addition to reading for the school, I've been training alone, well, basic training.. That's all good on the way to the European Champs in March!:) I did actually one race here in Finland last weekend, shooting 0002(best shoot this year!)... pity, that the all the best girls are in Germany and not even competing in Finnish Champs this weekend! I'll let you know the results later then.:)

In the end I was thinking about the higlights of the year 2009!!

January.. My first and last junior World Champs. Journey to Canada and all the new friends I got from there... I'll never forget!:))

February I got my only sight of my swedish dear friends, when racing in the juniorlandskamp. The absolut MISS of the year is of course Sweden and Östersund. fyy, va jag saknar dit..:))

March was the month to get the first gold medal in Finnish Champs in the W21!:) Before that I had a lovely IBU-cup trip to Italy, and I got my first Sponsor from Germany! danke schön Firmengruppe Steinbach!:))

April is the month of recovering (and partying at the university(!!?):p
1st of May was my lucky day and the week before..<3. In the beginning of the month I had a nice journey to Tenerife! No more english breakfast, plz;)!

June.. the Midsummer's day!! no more words:D
July trainingcamp in Estonia Otepää! As lovely as always.. It was already 6 th summer in a row!!:)
August was full of summer biathlon races.. more medals:) and the lovely summer heat weathers:)) (already waiting for..^^')

September; beginning of the schoolyear. Summer biathlon World Champs in Oberhof was the top!:)) getting the places 7th and 9th...:) And not forgetting the wonderful trainingcamp in Ramsau, two weeks!! continuing until 11th of October:) and I got to know one very special person, really worth of missing some teammeetings:)) Next year I'll be skiing on the glacier!!:)

November is always the hectic start of the season and this year I also started very well so that..
In December I had my first World Cup race in Hochfilzen!! and then the last but hopefully last sight to Austria was made in Obertilliach... Unfortunately the things didn't work out as I wanted. Well, Christmas comes always to the end and new friends what I've got on the journies saves the year:)
Absolut lovely song of the year: Oasis - Wonderwall

Then .. thankyou, sorry and cheers!! and now the new year!!:) What it will bring.. We'll see!:) Hopefully a lot of traveling and new friends.. and Of course seeing the old ones first!:)) Sweden is the first desire, then Europe.. everywhere:))

See ya!:) xxx