Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To the world and finally back home for Christmas!.)

I spent our Independence day in a hotel room of Helsinki airport planning to be home after a week's journey. After all what I had been thinking about before the trip turned out to be something very different..

The first world cup ever for me, place: Hochfilzen, time: 11th of December 2009, race; sprint 7,5km women. Oh dear, at the first sight everything there in this big circus seemed to be like the same as I'm used to see in Junior WorldChamps and in many other competitions. BUT somewhere in my little mind I made it absolutely too big! Well, that's the excuse what I made myself of my abnormal performance on the shooting range and on the tracks.. and what comes to the weather.. well, you saw it. but It's the same for everyone.. Others handle it only better than some others! So shame on me! Luckily I can only get better now, and there will be more oppoturnities, I'm sure!!:)

As Raphael Poiree said in IBU-cup athlete's party: "Don't worry dear girl, I was also a total shit at the first time in WC! What you need is experience.." So he's right, I hope:) Now head up and to the new races..

The relay in Hochfilzen went a bit better for me. no penalties, and that weather really was much more enjoyable:) At the weekend there were approximately 13 000 spectators per day. I refused to look at the crowd before start.. afterwards it was only funny to see so much people crowded to a tiny stadion:D so we were 16th in the relay. Pity, we can do better, but that was that day's prestation.. maybe next time relayteam will be luckier!

After races in Hochfilzen I made a quick desicion to travel to Ibu-cup in Obertilliach. I just didn't want to go home yet after such a week. I do like Austria.. so one week more in the Alps! yes, my pleasure. My german sponsor Manuel Steinbach drove me there (on the way to Pokljuka). The sun welcomed me to the town, such nice views!:)) I stayed in Obertilliach with four other finns coming straight from ibu-cup in Ridnaun. Well, I survived this week well.. Living together had also it's "other" sides, though.

What comes to the competitions, the sprint on Friday was a sign of better days on the shooting range, only one penalty. In a such cold day with -16c and high altitude I was a bit scared of skiing (too) fast so I didn't get any good placement. In Pursuit I was nearly doing the normal-me, fortunately.) I got up 10 places with 3 penalties, and skiing past a japan girl on the last course;DD whoo, so place 36. After this race I can be comfortable with myself.. Getting better, and the goal is in March and European Champs..: ) Looking forward to go to Estonia!

I stayed in Obertilliach alone two more days by training and enjoying the sun and awesome landscapes.) Two hours skiing in the sunshine without taking the same track twice was sooo brilliant!! Only the minus grades getting below 15 were not good to my freezing toes^^ At least I had a peaceful time there. Missing some friend(s), though.

After leaving Obertilliach it took only two days to get home. At first the ride(with Steinbach) to München, and lunch in Salzburg took a half day. Then the flight to Copenhagen was late, and the another plane in Copenhagen never started. An engineproblem forced us to stay overnight in the airport hotel. Well at 3 am I was sleeping after waiting for 3 hours in a queue to the new check-in arrangements, then waiting 1 hour to get taxi who wants to take me and my skies in!!:DD Unbelievable..

Luckily I met one finnish girl on the flight and we could survive together from all this SAS shit. I met also one nice guy at the airport hotel, he helped us with the baggage.. and turned out to be a finnish personaltrainer- guy, only living in Schwitzerland! cool! what a coinsidence!:) Thanks Heidi and Tommi!! The journey without them would have been very miserable history...

So home for Christmas. I did it!:) Now it's time for relaxing and some good traininghours here in Kontiolahti, not forgetting mum's tasty christmasfood and all the family gathering together:)
Next races are after two weeks so a short break during the season is always welcomed:))
Gingerbread and glühwein.. mmms:P and It's really snowing!!

Merry Christmas for everyone!:) God Jul! S Razhdestvom! Frohe Weihnachten! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad!

hugs, Laura

Monday, November 23, 2009

The season opened!

Oh yes, it's raining and plus 5c degrees! Where the hell is all the snow??^/ Oh. It doesn't really feel like winter coming and biathlon season starting.. The only place where you can ski at the moment is Kontiolahti. (well, we have been there all the time so that doesn't make any difference^^') but anyways, first competitons are behind with mixed results!!

Last weekend we still had snow. Everywhere and it felt like christmas!! minus 5 and calm weather. What would make me more happy before the first race!?.)) Well, seems like my mood was as light as the weather. I managed to make a good first race for this year. Sprint, with one penalty in prone and okey skiing! Only 2 seconds after Slovakian Halinarova (0+1). Well, that was a surprise.. cause she's a good biathlete, being in WOrldcup top 30...!!!^^
It seems like we have been training good.. Well, that didn't help me this weekend, though.! I shot very bad...and in a meanwhile my skiing is getting better and better.. well, with penalties 3+1 in sprint and altogether 5 in pursuit I had no chance to challenge the world's bests.. Kuzmina, Mäkäräinen.. I was just too much behind! Well, the rainy weather and soft snow.. plus biggest uphills we can find made my legs trembling and my mind confused!! But that's biathlon!!:)) that's why I've chosen it..:)

Anyways, even if I was shooting bad, my skiing,otherwise, was third best (of finnish girls). I didn't get a chance to compete in Östersund World Cup. (really pity, my 2nd homeplace!!!) My teammate Sarianna will be skiing there, at the first time in WC. She deserved that place, shooting only 3 penalties during the weekend!! comparing to me ... ^^'

BUT I can start now in Hochfilzen and Austria! So here we come. the First World Cup ever..!!!:D but for sure, not the last one I bet!!:) Well, Now I should be happy:) And I am.. My german sponsor is as well, hopefully even somebody else. Dunno if somebody thinks I didn't deserve this place. but "make a chance, take a chance and breakaway.." !!:) That's how it goes.. Sweden and Östersund will wait for me. Hopefully I'm there then later.. next year, for sure!!:)

Now it's time for training here at home. two weeks and I'll head back to Austria <3
Maybe I'm able to stay there one week more.. training near by Ramsau.:) maybe, maybe not. My coach doesn't want me to stay "away" from his eyes.:D Am I too bad and crazy? I'm able to take care of myself:DD No problems, and always surviving:))! Don't claim anything else!:) And I would be training good, of that I'm really sure. If only there's a free place in accommodation...^^'

So I'll skip some schoolexams now, being able to do them in January! or later.:) It's not worth of worrying cause the teachers wll understand.. and hey, I don't even have that much school!:D

Thumbs up and off to Hochfilzen!!:) Need to find my "normal Laura" at the shooting range and everything's fine..

Take care! see ya at Christmas.. or how it was. or when it was? or Where I am then?:D Somebody's calling...;)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snow!! ojeje.

The first snow was falling down already a long time ago, but today it's been snowing hardly. The trees are white, and the ground has over 20cms snow! Feels like Christmas!!:)) Well, my afternoon training didn't go so well cause my classic skies getting 10cm snow to the point where the stopperwax should be!:D Nice..

Last weekend we had very easy week with the trainings. My coach was at home in Moscow, so we had to survive here without his controlling eyes^^' well, it didn't really matter cause the amount of training did not astonish.D In a meanwhile I wanted to make " holidays" somewhere in the south, well at this point in Austria.. But wishes didn't came true and I stayed here in Joensuu studying Russian and Swedish. I don't find any big motivation towards my studies, though. I'm too lazy to start and I'm more likely to sit here in front of the computer than opening my books!! oops. Skype is good. But I'm getting more and more confused when I'm using many languages at the same time! So seems like I'm not charging to Russian.. maybe.D

What comes to studies I'm trying to avoid big school groups and lessons nowadays( for a good reason, though!:D). The H1N1 -virus is spreading also here in Eastern Finland.. And now when having only 4 days to the season start it would be horrible to get that high fever and so on. Although it would not kill me. who knows!^^' So on Saturday the season starts with an unofficial race here in Kontiolahti. Week after that there are GP-races in Kontiolahti and I'm hoping to see more nations than at this weekend. Russian, Belarus, Slovakian and some other groups are training here, so would be nice to see if Domracheva has got more speed during two months. In Oberhof in the end of September she didn't make an effort.. Losing minutes to Neuner! And that's a lot!

Seems like many teams are now training in Lappland and Scandinavian. Well, our team decided (just) to stay here. That wasn't a surprise, though. We have 5kms good track, having all the tracks what come to World Cup in March. It is only a little bit boring to ski here all the time. Missing some friends;_; But I won't say a word aloud. I was allowed to train over three weeks abroad... so I'm already satisfied!! More than last year anyways!!:D Now I would like to be somewhere in western neighborcountries. Why an earth it has to be so long way over the "waters"... pity. Saknar till Sverige!

Anyways after two weeks I'm in Sweden!! It will be lovely... Long time, no see. And now even the coach let me go! And thus far I haven't had any big problems with health so that shouldn't be a problem:) yeop. Hope too see...:)) Idre and IBU-cup. here we come. From there to Östersund.. would be a dream. But it's not time to think about it!

Now back to the business^^' stretching and a cup of tea. It's nice to see so much white utside. aww.

I'll update after the first races:)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The lovely traveling^)

I love traveling. That's my conclusion after being abroad over three weeks^^' After the competitions in Germany we drove to Austria and the Alps!! For me who never has been in Austria.. only driven once in a while through it.. It's awesome!:)

Well, I must admit. It would be a place worth of living.. some longer times:) Like my dear Östersund!! The landscapes are brilliant.. some mountains, not a big city life. Well, dunno if I would like it in a longer run but anyways:) The sun was shining most of the days so that we could do trainings in shorts!!! wow.. And in the meanwhile it was pouring rain and only a couple of plus degrees in Finland. eh, I was a bit glad to hear that:D

Two weeks passed very fast.. and once again I didn't want to leave. (That's not the first time, though) I could do many good skiing trainings up there.. at the glacier. 2700 meters above the sea. WOw.. I' m sure I'll come back next year!! if not earlier;)

Among the trainings I had one sponsormeeting and some other "unofficial meetings":)) I got thousand fancards.. eh so Who wants one card, me and riffle in the front, so just say:DD It's just so ridiculous that I have such things^^' I'm not so "proffs" yet:)
So some shopping I did as well.. hats, jeans (totally too expensive, but i took them anyways:D) in Austria the shops are open only from 8 to 12 am.. then 2,5 hours "rest" and then once again.. I found it a bit funny.. compared to Finland where shops are open nearly around the clock:D And well yea, In Austria the youngsters at the age of 16 are allowed to buy alcohol.. to vote at the same age.. then drive the car at their 17's.. and buy whatever at the age of 18!!! unbelievable!:D

Anyways the trip there was sooo awesome:) there were also lot of other teams as canadians, russian, Austria biathlon teams and so on.. well, funny thing. I had a "date" with a local boy.. one gorgeous biathlete:) And now it seems it could lead somewhere.. eh. dunno:)) these are always the questions... try or not to try.. I'll try. Always when I feel like that..^^)

The season is coming soon. only 4 weeks and we'll run the first races.. then who knows where I'll end up. My goal is to qualify to IBU-cup first.. the maybe even Worldcup.. the season starts in Östersund!!! so all that would be more than awesome:)) we'll see...

I arrived here to Joensuu on Sunday.. and it was freaking cold!!:D minus grades and snow.. compared to warm and lovely temperature in Ramsau:) but never mind. Now we can ski here in Kontiolahti at the cooled track.. 3,5kilometers!! well, feels quite nice. And above all my coach is more than happy to see me in the trainings here:D He was already worrying if I'm coming back at all,).. Well, it was near.. so near that I didn't continue my trip to Barcelona for a few days...:)) Having a nice rest .. with this cute austrian boy:)) he would have even paid my flight.. but then well. I came back here for some reason 0_o. But no worries.. he's maybe coming here for a trainingcamp next week:))

Next week I'll do one exam in Swedish.. although, that should be a piece of cake.) On wednesday I'll drive to Vuokatti to make some tests.. or a test..:) We'll see if there has been some progress during the year.. It should be, anyways...^^'

Returning back here later..:)
Take care!

Friday, October 2, 2009

all around Europe!

Deutschland über alles..^^' or not.)

Last weekend we had summer biathlon World Champs in Oberhof, in lovely Thüringen. I must say the ladscapes were brilliant and I did enjoy the atmosphere in that tiny village!:)

Our journey started on Wednesday when we headed to Helsinki, just planning to fly to germany early in the morning. Then sitting in the car three hours before we found our way from Frankfurt to Oberhof... Well, I didn't realize it was soo small city^^) But they really live for biathlon!! And how I know it? well, Every single day when we had rollerskibiathlon races there were about 6000-8000 spectators! and it felt like WOW... i just try to imagine how it feels when there's 6 times more people in the winter!!!

So arriving on Thursday evening, then we were already "in fire" on Friday afternoon.. Dunno what I was thinking, but I got a bit nervous before the relay... eh. starting there next to world's best female biathletes, in front of thousands of people.. without having checked the trackproperly, or even tried to shoot to metal!! and here we come. the results! First loop only 15 seconds behind Magdalena Neuner, world's fastest skier..(biathlon):D one penalty loop with 8 bullets, and cosh.D i was the last.. very ashamed..embrassed and so on.. óh dear. And after all I had my german sponsors there as well. so I was reallly really ashamed.

Luckily I could normalize my skiing and shooting during the individual races. In sprint ending up to the place 9 with 2 penalties... which I did sooo slowly, and having difficult rollerskies as well!!:/ i hardly stood up there!!:D Luckily I was still so "high" on the resultslist.. I must say it was a surprise!!
well, Next day in pursuit I could do even better!!:)) I'm quite satisfied with the place 7.. World Champs. And I still got the feeling I was disappointed. Maybe because I was still far away from my normal shooting times, and even on the track I could have done otherwise. But nevermind, now I'm on the way where I should be, and I got this revansch what I wanted. After horrible Junior World Championships in Canada in january^^

so well done. Not bad, not good. Now I'm at the training camp in lovely Austria, training together with finnish biathlon A-team. I must admit that the landscapes are even better here!!:)) soo awesome. And what else... I've seen many friends here!! Italy, Austria.. and you name it:D Nice too see biathlonfriends before the season starts and everybody's going back and there.. trying to qualify to IBU-cups, Worldcups and Olympic games.. For me the first point is to qualify to Idre and IBU-cup.. maybe I'll be fit and also ski in Östersund!!:)) who knows.. never..:D

i just came from sauna, sitting there as an only woman, rounded by ten good-looking canadians, and some others:) then swimming and eating. Altough I'm tired after skiing over two hours on the glacier I'll go and see my Austrian friends now:) Tomorrow is rest day and I'll meet my sponsor and get some autographycards:D Anybody want?:D

so keep in touch. returning back later with some photos:)

Viele Grüsse! Eure Laura

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear university!

After all, the first week at the university wasn't bad at all!! I really enjoyed seeing friends and having this perfect student lunch! yammy!.) Long time, no see. Many of my schoolfrineds have been somewhere abroad, in the language practise during the summer, or just been somewhere else.. maybe earned a bit money by working!! (what's that?:D) My time went smoothly by training and training..:) Three weeks in Otepää, Estonia was my "headhappening", all the other weeks just passed as fast as they began! (Like this week as well!.o)

So on Monday morning I was sitting in the big studenthall, planning to start spanish lessons! And surprise, I met a couple of friends and got some company! It was really fun to start spanish, but I think I have to skip it, thus far. Well, I did start also russian lessons!!:D So maybe I just gathered too much ...^^' So now I've only russian lessons.. and swedish and germany.. :D cool!

But the head point is still in training of course. That's why it's quite irritating when I CAN'T be at school as much I would like to.. But the time for that will be later then:) Seems like I'll be ready with kandidat exams anyway before June!:O Believe or not! After that..) Maybe i'll head to Germany or back to Sweden.)
It all depends on how's the coach thing moving on...

Ten days here, and I'm in Germany!!:) yeeees. Time flies fast.. As Katri is writing!!:D in Qatar. the time is same! Going too fast when it shouldn't!!
If you are near by Ramsau or Oberhof during the next three weeks. just make some voice:) Even if we are training a lot there, there's always a chance to have a little meet...

Now I'm planning to watch the last athletic GP-race.. Jukka Keskisalo!! GoGo!!
Next week hard training, and a bit school. Normal life continues.. see ya!:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey Ho new flat!!:)

I got a new flat from Joensuu. And it's sooo nice! I can see sun setting down in the evenings and I do have also more space here! Not only I have my own room, but also this kitchen is brilliant.. Now I'm cooking eagerly than ever before! Such a pleasure:)
Living together with my little brother is not bad at all! At least I have somebody to clean up sometimes, make food or just chat with^^' Eh. Only problem seems this 3 km way to the city centrum.. I'm sooo lazy.:D LOL. That "extratraining"-cykling- just doesn't fit me.. Well, I have to get use to it!:))

Now I've packed out my things.. I had maybe ten bags of clothes but somehow I managed to get them into the closets:p hah. You can already see the floor!!:D Now my plan is to find a mirror so I won't look like a mess going to the university... next week!! oh. I've missed my friends. dunno about the school. I'll start a course in russian.. german, swedish, english..:D Not forgetting my sportmedicin studies!!.D I survived from the last big essay! getting 23 pages of mental training in athletes, specially in biathlon.) So I'm finished with that! sooo glad.))

Last weekend we had also Finnish Championships in summer biathlon. Rollerskiing sprint and individual races^^ On Saturday I (again) ended up to the place 2 in junior class with horrible shooting (hitting only 50%) I skied pretty well.. Or I just think so, getting a silver medal!:D
On sunday we had a lot of rain, but never mind! Everybody started like normally, just a bit more careful at this time. 15 km track suited me quite well, and once again I could ski pretty well! I got four minutes penalties, nevertheless, I was 4th!! So no reason to be really disappointed.. BUT only 2 mm.. two times and I would have been 2nd.. in Senior Class! Just behind Kaisa Mäkäräinen.. Pity^^) Next time then..

So I've moved now, had the competitions and starting the school next week!! This week I've been training together with A-team, and getting to know how they are training. I got some new inspiration.. knowing I'm not actually so far away from the "team" girls!!:) *joy*

After two weeks I'll be traveling to Germany and Oberhof! Summer biathlon World Championships are hold in Thüring.. and the centrum of German Biathlon. It's like Östersund in Sweden or Joensuu/ Vuokatti in Finland.) I'm looking forward to compete last time as a junior..!!! and revench from the winter junior World Chamionships when I was sick^^/ After that I'm old, in the senior class, together with ..everbody!!^^' oh.. We'll see how it goes:)

But anyways, I'm on the road soon. And straight after WCH I'll head to Austria and Ramsau. I'm having two weeks training camp there on the glacier.. Alps..:) Oh wie ist das schön!! Good training with A-team is waiting for me.. as well I'm looking forward to see a couple of friends!! Long time no see. So what would be better:))

Off I go now to see my friends having "welcome to my new house"-parties.. Maybe I'll find my eager partymouse-brother from there as well:D hehe. no doubt, he's a real biathlete!

After the sunset.. see ya!:) xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hectic life 0_o

The weather is getting colder and the trainings are tuffer and tuffer.. Well, we still have sun!:) So no complaining, actually I wait for the autumn and beautiful colours of the trees^^'

Only one and a half weeks to go to rollerski finnish champs and 6 weeks to my Germany trip!!.D It seems I can really travel there and continue to Austria as I've been secretly planned already a long time :) But as I told maybe already before I'm allowed to train with A-team after the races, and perhaps in Ramsau as well! JOY!:)

Some good news anyways, I got a new flat now!! 2-rooms flat with sauna and balcony.. and the views are really fantastic!!:) So from the beginning of September you are welcome to visit me in my new apartment. I'll share it with my little broo but it shouldn't be a problem, though:D
Not only we have a training camp now, but I still should be packing my things here and trying to do the last big essay in my sportmedicin studies! argh. I just don't have time.. or I'm not just eager to make it, before it's already too late:D
somehow I should make it anyways.. I've still one week before the "final day" to return the Pro Gradu- essay. Meanwhile I just train more than before during this summer.. The results we'll see later then:))

On Monday one of my good friends left to Qatar.. to make an au pair year there! Nice evening we did have with all my "old" friends:)) My pleasure...
She will survive there! I know.. It's just a bit more far away than Sweden where I was last year doing my studies:D
But you have to travel when you are still young and free, and able to do it^^'

Now off to bed.. I'll chat later..:))

Monday, August 10, 2009

The first finnish champs^^

Last time when I wrote I had just arrived home. It seemed that the 4-hours traintrip was too much for me^^I got ill just two days after being at home! So the traininghours have been just above 5 hours the previous two weeks. Altough, my sportclub wanted me to the startline in cross-biathlon finnish champs.. on the other side of the Finland!! I didn't like it, but as I had a little bit better feeling in my body I jumped into the car and sat there 6 hours^^' cool..0_o

Anyway there we were, running in the extremely hot weather!! +30 at least.. competing in that temperature is just pure torture^^
But above all distracting things I managed to do my best.. what I just could imagine after all:)
I shot awesome 0+0 in sprint, ending up only 5 seconds behind my dear and best changeller Sarianna. My running was pretty good considering the fact I had barely done anything during the previous week!! So I don't need to worry...
As usually we two girls are always making the best "fight" on the track:P Next year we make our own races here in Kontiolahti, others can join if wanted^^')
My little brother is in an excellent shape, ending up to the 2nd place with 3 penalties! good run and only 5 seconds to the winner.. pity that he can't shoot like his sister;)

In the individual competition, I felt like playing swampsocker!! the ground was soft, and the sun was turning the muscles lazy and tired.. even before the start!:D Anyways, once again I managed to fight my way to the podium.. 2+1+0+0 penalties garanteed the second place, just 30 seconds after the winner.. not bad at all! And the feeling with running was horrible, but still enough!:o surprising.. ridiculous^^'
the last day we had relays, everybody feeling pain in the muscles.. oh well. Three starts within 3 days is quite much! but with 3 silver medals I could come back home smiling a bit, knowing that I'm on the right way!

Our traningcamp in Otepää included also two races.. there we started the running season and now we ended it. Dunno If I find some 800meters race that could fit in my timetable, but otherwise.. no official running races anymore!:D

Now we start a trainingcamp here in Kontiolahti. After three weeks we'll have finnish champs in Rollerski-biathlon.. I'm really looking forward to them! As they are the competitions what effects on the program in September! If I'm in good shape we'll go to Oberhof summer World Championships .. After that I'm perhaps again training with A-team in Ramsau and Austria! Maybe!!!:) Hopefully.. But now it's time to relax. Today I had a rest day.. in the lovely sunshine and +32 C degrees B)
Tomorrow I'm going to find a new bigger flat from Joensuu.. Then off we go to the trainings..

And as you could read between the lines.. I wont' be coming to Östersund next week!! ^^// I'm very sad.. but my coach wants me to be here and train, cause I missed quite a lot trainings during my illness^^/ but anyways.. I'll be there soon..: ) I really want to my second home..

greets and hugs /

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The new blog^^'

Oh well, seems that my previous blog in livejournal is forgotten now. totally!!:) I think it's better in this way as there are no limits what comes to the visitors and so on!

I'm back in Finland now, sweet home in Joensuu!.) After 3-weeks trainingcamp in Otepää, I'm more than happy to have some rest here.))

Next two weeks we'll have a sportcamp here in Kontiolahti. In a meanwhile there are Finnish champs in cross-summerbiathlon.. I'm looking forward to racing. eh.. B)
After Finnish champs I'm heading to Sweden and to the dearest place there, Östersund!! my home from last year:)) Hoping to see my friends and taking part to the IBU-cup and a couple of rollerski races..:D

Now time for green tea and Ice Age 3!:) Chilling is great sometimes :P

greets and hugs**