Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, isn't it?

Normally, 1st of January, I have a long classic skiing tour in the program. Then I go home to watch Tour de Ski and New year's concert of Wiener Philharmoniker.

This year the ground is grey and it's raining. I've been miserable and lightly depressed since I came back 22nd of Dec from sunny Italy where we had Winter Universiades for student athletes. So instead of skiing I'm just running with poles and wondering where the hell is the white snow, and due to these conditions we don't even have any races! buuu!

So after nearly a year without any writing, I'm here to clear how it's going, how it's been since last year and what's happening right now!
Let's start it by a short review of the end of season, the funny "golf field- finnish championships" where I just performed average, 4,6,6 places and the crowd of national biathletes stood a loop behind outstanding Kaisa. At that time I managed to hurt my left shoulder when I did pull-ups behind my neck. eh. And that's been my weak point since April. Specially in my standing shooting it's still causing troubles^/

The season was short, lame and brought me only a couple of good memories, including European Champs and some other better tha average performances. Seems like the bigger the races the more concentrated performances I have. In World Championships 2011 I made it to 49th. In European Champs 26th. Now in Universiades in Trentino I felt lazy, not fully motivated like it should be. And the best marking was just 27th with average results. And now I'm "wrestling" with the same problem here in Finland. Don't know the races, don't know about snow or future. Don't even know how I'm going to continue biathlon, or at all. ^^

But to put the summer briefly into the pocket. I started the recovery season with 2-weeks teacher -job. Nasty children of the age of 10- 15 should learn compulsory Swedish or "free will"- Germany. Not the brightest job indeed here in the Eastern Finland!:D Then I got my holidays, one week in Turkey! Lovely, but absolutely too short! Then it was already May and it was time to train focused for the races for the next winter! Training has been great and I progressed a lot. The summer included, of course, two weeks in Otepää. Normal training camp of our Kontiolahti Sport Club. When I wasn't the part of our national team, I needed to follow my own way the whole year.

Finnish summer Champs did go well, twice second place in cross- biathlon and twice 4th place in roller- biathlon! And everybody was there on the line!:)) So I couldn't wish anything better temporarily. So I decided to go to Ramsau, after 2 years absence, to the prettiest place to prepare for the season. Thanks to all helping me there=) Without a car, I survived, and had the best trainings of the year. Feeling light and happy to be an athlete, for once!:)

Since Ramsau and beginning of October I unfortunately suffered from viruses and poor quality training. And again the snow conditions were challenging. I decided to stay in Kontiolahti for the last weeks training before qualifications. BUT just in the middle of last trainingweek I got a message that the races would be in Muonio, in three days! in 3 DAYS, only 800km away from home.! NICE

But I travelled, started, skied and shot, and finished 3rd. Relief. Week to go to IBU-cups in Idre and Beitostölen. No snow. Ship and long way to go there, hardly any snow on the tracks. Team spirit is fragile to explode, scary and untempting. My races sucking as hell, mostly due to my first race's accident. My Leki- pole stuck after standing shoot to my ribs and I stood there without taking any breaths. I crushed my right side stomach muscles for a long time. Finished. Bad skies. Oh I was wishing so much more. Anyways, the next race was bad due to horrible wind. 1+5 isn't normal me? Then we headed back to familiar Beito, good shooting in Individual, still bad skiing. The sprint went even more horrible. I just cried before the zeroing, after that, maybe during the race. 2+3 with foggy eyes. I'm not allowed to tell why, but it's just horrible how there are still people with unfair play and rudeness. 0_o

But I survived home, headed luckily soon for 2 weeks to sunny Italy. I must tell it's been one of the top 5 biathlon trips in my life! Perfect skiwaxing, nice team and old and new friends! THANKS! Of course I was happy to see my biathlon friends in ibu-cups... Like I told, I didn't finish extremely good in Val di Fiemme, mostly because of my shaking legs in the standings. Only once I managed to drop all the targets, in 5 races including 80 shots!^/ The best personal performance was my relay leg. Satisfied. It's enough.

Joy of Biathlon, but just a few times. My calculation is not wrong. I'm out of mood, watching the biathlon races with tears in my eyes. I could be there, but I'm not even close. Crazy, worrying kid, am I?

Well, I got my Christmas break. I hoped even that I would be sick, so broken I was. So my wish came true I got a flue just when we got back from Italy. Maybe it was due to 5 races in 8 days, and 2 nights in the row pure partying and departure home. Though, I'm getting old and don't wanna stay awake so late anymore:D

Summa summarum: Now I don't know where to race or where to go. Alpencup, biathlon races in Finland (level D?), Cross-country races.? eh. Well, let's wait for snow. And give me some advice to cheer me up. I need goals to work hard for.

BTW. I've moved in September to Jyväskylä and started my Master of Sportmedicine studies here. Hopefully I will finish them soon, only 2 years to go I bet!;)

Happy New Year 2014! Alles gute im neuen Jahr!
Gott nytt år! Hyvää Uutta vuotta!

ps. I'm playing my accordion, since a very long time:D cheers*